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Park City Bootfitter

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Will be in PC December 16-23..... Can someone point me in the right direction....


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IMHO Jans Mountain Outfitters is doing some of the best work in The Park City area. They have locations right in The PCMR Center, Snow Park Lodge at Deer Valley and The Main Store on the corner of Park Ave and Deer Valley Drive.
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Make an appointment with Scott "Dude" Dudevoir at the Cole Sport located on the plaza at Park City Mtn Resort. Call them up and ask for "Dude", thats what everyone there calls him, they'll know exactly what you mean. (435)649-4800. He's the shop manager and main bootfitter. Don't just show up, make an appointment, its worth it to see him when he has time to look at your problems alone.

IMO, this guy is by far the best bootfitter in Utah and I think I've been to just about all of them. Last week he spent 3.5 hours with me on alignment, boot mods, footbeds, and analyzing my feet. He practically remolded my boots. He can do Conform'able or Superfeet footbeds, and they carry all the big brands of boots (Nordica, Lange, Salomon, Dalbello, Rossi, Tecnica).

The difference in my boots after a few days of skiing is huge, I can't recommend this guy highly enough.
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Bump for update, please. 

Are the "Dude" at Cole Sports and Jans Mountain outfitters still the best bets for a bootfitter in Park City?

Either of them do intuition liners?

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I don't know about "Dude", but Brent Amsbury at Park City Pedorthics is well worth a visit:  http://www.bootfitters.com/shops/west_UT_ParkCity_PCPedorthics.htm

He does Intution, and is a very, very good bootfitter. 
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Can't go wrong with Jan's or Cole's. It would be a matter of what brand boot you are looking for. If you Have the time drive to Salt Lake City and get boots with lifetime fit from Daleboot, true custom made boot.
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Thanks for the helpful replies.
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+1 for Cole's. Brian at the Deer Valley shop was fantastic. Took a long time, but it was worth it. My feet are happy.
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