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My First Mistake...

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So, as the weather starts to cool down I am really looking to the '02-'03 ski season. Money is getting ready to fly out of my bank account and leave burn burn marks on my credit card. The piles of ski movies on top of the TV is now 6 deep and in full rotation, at least two per week. I want to go skiing.

So I've been thinking about picking up another pair of skis, probably something for skiercross to put between my G4's and 1080's. Hey, I did't buy any new equipment last year, and I want some new stuff! So, went the the Sports Den to look around. I went there looking for a particular ski, and came across another pair that I have been looking at for about a year now. The Volkl Explosive. Crap, I was only thinking about one pair of skis this season, not two! Whats a man to do? 95mm under waist, twin tips, nice flex. I promised myself that I would wait until snow flys to even think about a new pair of pow skis, but man I want a pair! So there is a possibility that I may have a set of 188 Volkl G4's up for sale come the next few months.

Alright I'll admit, I really didn't need to bother you all with this, its just driving me nuts here. I'm a gear head.

Next week I buy the pass.
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Go for it AltaSkier, someones got to keep the economy moving!
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I think Kima has it right. The fact is you are right there in the middle of what your state advertises as the haveing "The Greatest Snow on Earth!"

If you are skiing +30 days per season, then yes, indulge yourself as long as those closest to you don't suffer financial hardship, you still have a good roof over your head, and can keep up with the monthly bills.

So you skip a couple of 401 K contributions, hey that's for retirement anyway, a time when you can remember all those wonderful skiing experiences that were that much better because of the skis...you skied.

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works for me
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I can't speak as someone who owns a pair of g4's, but I do ski the 10ex (which is quite similar) and an Explosiv.

They are both great skis, and have different areas where each shines, so I keep both around. However, the truth be told, if someone put a gun to my head and said "Get rid of one pair!", the 10ex's would have to go first.

Basically, I just can't speak highly enough about the Explosiv, particularly, its versatility. Its not just a ski for deep powder, but its *really* good in slop, corn and any sort of deep snow. Someone else on Epic (I forgot who) made the excellent observation that these skis make a 3" dusting feel like 18" of fresh.

When I go from my 184 10ex's to my 190 Explosiv's, about the only negative change that I really notice is that they don't want to arc (fast carve) as well. I don't know if its their 35-ish meter sidecut radius (vs low 20's for the 10ex and g4), their width, or a less "round" flex pattern, but it certainly is noticeable.

I never notice that they are less nimble, heavier, more difficult to get up on edge or any of the things that you might think would be negatives in a 95 mm wide ski.

If you fill in the gap between the 1080's and Explosivs with a normal 70-ish mm midfat, IMHO, I think you could sell the g4's and never miss them.

Hope this helped,

Tom / PM
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