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I became familiar with this concept at Big White. I guess when a guy seated next to me exposed that since we couldn't see much the way the snow ghosts were not quite visible until they appeared out of the fog 10ft visibility, the run could be accomplished since if you thought gravity's pull would be your quide anyway to take you down and keep you out of the woods. So just initiate a gradual start. It works in white out too, being somewhat more impressive. It's such a short ski season and I prefer to ski rather than stop since I can't stop when I find myself with a lift ticket anyway.
It is encouraging to believe that the adaptive skiing programs bring a sight impaired person out on sticks although they do have a slower time going on lifts. One day it seemed that there were a whole school or bus full atleast lapping the main trail/chair down at wip out in the thin part of Western Maryland, unfortunately I couldn't share the ride up the hill with them since their coaches were there with them.
Shortly after I read a review about a Volant ski with the Gravity moniker. So I paid an astronomically, absurd price for an ebay last season version back a few year's $175, and wound up getting a couple other's in that name to demo the lengths when they were found at a reasonable price.
Eventually I found some technique to ski when visible, it's worth the time on mountain to iron out some glitch you might have developed and take a lesson while also having someone to share some slope time with.