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Spinoff from Previous Thread...Decision Time (Falcon 9/10)

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I went back into Sturtevant's today, and they were out of pretty much everything in my size, with two week wait...so no go there. I was a little flustered after I went in there earlier today, but I'm over that.

After that, I went into Fiorini, and was in there for about an hour trying on just about everything working with Adam. I was a little unsure of how knowledgeable their bootfitting staff is. I told him I had a somewhat wide forefoot, and high instep, and the first boot he had me try on was a Lange. He didn't want to put me in Nordicas or Technicas, which is what Sturtevant's was having me try on. Needless to say, the Lange didn't fit well. I did eventually try on a Speedmachine 12, which felt pretty good other than being way stiff.

Anyway, the second boot he pulled was the Salomon Falcon 10 in 25.0. I tried more boots on after it, but none felt as good. Some were more comfy, but felt too roomy. In the Falcon there were a few pressure points, such as above and below the ball of my foot, and against my big toe on my left foot, but those should be easy enough to iron out. It was also a little tighter around my arch than I would have liked, but I'm guessing that shouldn't be too much trouble to fix either. I loved the feel of the boots, more so than anything else I've tried on. They felt very precise, and held my heel in place better than anything I've tried on so far. I had a few qualms about how stiff they were, but Adam explained how simple it is to soften them up. Still, I would like to try on the Falcon 9, considering it's cheaper and I'm not a very big guy, but they didn't have it.

He was all set to sell them to me, but I didn't want to pull the trigger just yet before doing a little research. I told him I would come in on Wednesday and likely pay for them then.

He was going to throw in a pair of Sole insoles for free, which would be good because after buying these boots I wouldn't be able to afford custom ones for a while. He was going to build a neoprene toe-box to relieve the pressure on my big toe, and widen them slightly in the forefoot to reduce the pressure above and below my arches.

What says EpicSki? Ideally I would buy the boots in the store, and take them to Jim Mates for custom insoles and all the alignment and bootwork, but I don't have that sort of cash to throw around. I can barely afford the boots themselves. I would most likely end up with custom footbeds once I could afford them.

Thanks for all the help,

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can you order the 9's? not much difference other then 2 more T nuts.

buy them and go see jim if you have problems later
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Some people need custom insoles and fitting work, some don't. How do the boots feel? I kind of like to see a boot have a few pressure points because it suggests a tight shell fit that needs minor adjustments. Frankly, if you are buying these from a good shop, that kind of adjustment should be part of the deal. OTOH, if boots are comfortable straight out of the box, I suspect that they will eventually be too large.

Read the gear FAQ and become familiar with basics on shell fitting. If you get a good fit and can make minor adjustment in shop you may not need the super-pro boot fitting. There are actually a bunch of us out here that do not over-pronate and whose feet actually conform to the last judged by the manufacturer to fit the majority of feet. I love EpicSki, but don't let the gear whores get to you. If you have normal feet and can fit in a boot with minor adjustments, consider yourself lucky.
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The boots feel tight, uncomfortably tight, but from what I have read that's what you want them to feel like in the shop. Other boots that I've liked the feel of, haven't felt so tight, they've almost been comfy in the shop, which leads me to believe that they would pack out too much on the slopes.

I think the Falcon 10 is way more boot than I need, but I'd much rather have that than a boot that I'll grow out of.
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After a rec from Jeff Bergeron here and some tries in a store, just bought the Falcon 10. Current boot is 05 X-Wave 10, which I will keep for pow trips. Both same size. I'd say the F10 should work for anyone advanced and up, short of rec racing or serious bump skiing. (Touch too soft for first, definitely too thin a liner for second).

As far as fit, not sure what "uncomfortably tight" means. How long did you wear it for? Did you stay flexed or walk or just stand? If it's actually cutting off circulation, forget the boot.

OTOH, you want your toes to touch the ends when you're standing relaxed (they'll retract when you flex), and you want a feeling of tightness everywhere behind the toebox, although be careful if it's really pressing over your instep. You want the heel and ankle to feel very snug and locked down; some pressure points are fine since they can be ground.

Fixes: IMO, you should think of a new boot as a work in progress. If it fits perfectly, you have a foot that perfectly matches the company's CAD specs (congratulations) or the shell's too big (more likely) or too plush (most likely). Latter not an issue with the Falcon.

It's easy to blow out or grind the front sides of a boot (around your BOF), and it doesn't have much mechanical significance unless you overdo it. It's possible to ground out a toebox a bit if one toe is pressing. It's tougher to expand a boot vertically (by playing with the footbed) to correct pressure points along the top of the foot, and that can have functional impact. Pressure points on the sides of the ankle come with the turf, and can be ground out.

Buy the 10.
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Falcon Gun- right between the 9 and 10, plus a shock absorbing boot board and some sweet graphics.
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I wore it for about 20 minutes...It felt tight everywhere, with pressure points around the ball of my foot and over my instep. It held my heel in place far better than any other boot I've tried, and it didn't feel like I was swimming around in any areas of my foot.

I was in a 25.0 in the Falcon at Fiorinis, but when I was in Sturtevant's they had me in a 26.0 or 26.5 in everything I tried on, which included the Beast 10, Speedmachine 10, Technica Diablo, and a Head and Atomic.

I tried the Speedmachine 12 in Fiorinis in a 25.0, and the fit was also very good, but I didn't like the flex compared to the Falcon...it felt too stiff. Would it be worth looking further at the Speedmachine 12 considering I could have it softened, since Nordica boots should fit my high instep better than the Falcon?

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I just bought the Falcon 10. It hurt in the store, pressure points around my achilles tendon and tight. I had the liner heated, skied in the boot for 2 days and it feels much better now. I was skeptical about the pain I felt in the store, and it did go away. I need some more days but I feel like the boot will become the glove that I was looking for. Good luck


PS the flex is amazing, the boots performs great. You won't know that till you ski, have fun!
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Lloyd, what type of foot do you have? I'm curious to see if anyone with the same foot type as myself ended up in this boot.

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med wide foot. I have been in Technica for 15 years. This boot is better and light, so light!
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How high is your instep? That is the only reservation I have about this boot...that I have a high instep.
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I bought the falcon 10 and then returned because I thought it was to big and went one size down into speedmachine 14(cause they had no 27 falcons) and very happy with the fit so far(have yet to ski them) I thought the speedmachine 14 and falcon 10 were very similar in flex.
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Interesting...I found the Speedmachine 12 to be stiffer than the Falcon 10. On the other hand, I was in the Falcon in a 25 shell, which I think I've read has a 100 flex vs 110 for the 26 and up.
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