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sup all

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Hey Everyone. I just joined your forum. I guess most stuff about me can be seen through my profile but my name is Peakz, i ski and climb out of the Canadian Rockies, I'm 24, I am just finishing a communications degree at the University of Calgary, I am a member of Biglines.com Krew, and i love to ride pow and steep ice faces....... Hope y'all don't mind me poppin in once n a while.

Cheers to a great season
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Peakz you are a sicko.Post those same pics from the powder board. :
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Welcome.. beware newbies do not get first tracks! [img]smile.gif[/img]
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Meet us in Fernie. It's really gonna be weird - we have to talk not type.
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Welcome aboard, Peakz!
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Welcome aboard PeakZ
The more the merrier
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Welcome PeakZ.
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Hi! :
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Another powdermaggot crosses over to the dark side.
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This is me on one amazing day last year. When i look at photos like this i can't sleep at night!! There's nothing like 40 degree pow in a coulior that lets you rip it..

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That's what's known as having the last word, Peakz! [img]smile.gif[/img] Welcome.
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