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Originally Posted by 2-turn View Post
Westway definitely has a DFL as evidenced when it's hardpack, all the noobs fall on the right side, and slide all the way to the fence on the left. It's not as bad as other trails there and barely noticable when skiing.
Alright. You got me. I can envision that now. Seems pretty slight though - but I can't disagree. I always skied it in fairly good conditions and never thought much about a DFL since it is so wide.

I did slide and flail my way into the snow fence on the skier's right at the bottom of K-27 once though. That hurt. :
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sorry about the tangential thoughts.

Hunter is a mountain.
By personal choice I drive further north for hours more to ski what is out there.
Weekdays there at hunter can be ok. weekends will be crowded but by skiing smarter you can not think it's that crowded..
There usually has to be a break-even point for how far to travel for how much I ski. I guess Jay Peak is a long ride for you and it gets some heavily used trails.A friend skis here a little although he heads out west for the most part.
Give hunter a try since it is an option and New Jersey doesn't thrill you after all.
For other might tries Jiminy peak is in Mass and a bit like MC.
Then bromley ,Mt. Snow,Magic, Okemo, Stratton, Berkshire East or Gore are some not too much over 2 hrs additional to get to beyond the Hunter turn-off that are worth considering
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Originally Posted by jalexc View Post
Just to confirm, when you guys say double fall line, does that mean that the trail is not flat from side to side, but rather has "two sides", with fall lines not going in the exact same direction?
Originally Posted by carvemeister View Post
If you were to roll a ball down the middle of a trail, the path it would take is the fall line. Most trails are cut pretty close to that path and gravity would pull you pretty much straight down your intended line.

With a DFL, the trail is cut across the fall line to some degree, on a diagonal - either the entire trail, or just sections of it. If you find yourself being pulled by gravity toward one side of the trail or the other, consistently, in the manner that a ball would roll off the side - then it is a DFL.
If there was still any question as to what a double fall line is, this should clear it up:

That's Liftline on Castlerock at Sugarbush. The lower steep section before it flattens out is a double fall line.

I'm happy to see a fair assessment of Hunter in this thread. Too often the mountain gets slammed for being too crowded. The bottom line is only an advanced skier will appreciate it - tons of legit black diamond terrain. Belt is the only intermediate off the summit and if you insist on skiing top-to-bottom and ski Belt mostly, you too will think it's crowded.

Haven't skied Anna Purna yet, but as a season pass holder this year, I plan to. Sounds like my type of trail!
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Originally Posted by v.varmit View Post
I guess Jay Peak is a long ride for you and it gets some heavily used trails.
Just for the record, Jay is ALWAYS worth the trip!
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