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Tahoe in late March?

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Nice soft snow, warm temperatures, lunches outside, skiing in suglasses and baseball hats. What is there not to like?

Still come prepared for a late season snow storm. You never know. Good news is that the day after storm is usually blue skies and fresh snow.
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Should be a good Spring, given the pretty good (not great) snowpack. Alpine is the best for Spring skiing, with lots of varied exposures and good in bounds hike to terrain. Sugar Bowl is a close second. Squaw sucks (IMHO). The North Shore is a much better bet than the Southern end, with the exception of Kirkweed. But, if you stay on the North side, its a schlep to the Weed, at least 2 hrs from Truckee.

Tahoe City and Truckee are good spots to stay. Both about the same distance to Alpine and Squaw, with Truckee a little further. Truckee is much closer to Sugar Bowl. Lots of lodging options. If you 're thinking about a cabin or condo as opposed to a hotel and want to stay near Truckee, check with Donner Lake Realty. Good restaurants and bars in both spots. Tahoe City is about 20 min from gambling in the old casinos like Cal Neva.

Its not unusual to get a good sized March dump(s)...warm storms that can lay down a couple of feet of Sierra Cement.

If you're at Alpine, check the boards at the lifts...you'll likely see a note from IRUB.

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Tahoe in late March?

Hi everyone.
I recently discovered the joy of skiing and hop to be able to ski for about a week this spring at Lake Tahoe. I was there last week and the conditions were beautiful, but of course the end of march is still a month away. I was wondering what people thought about the conditions at resorts in the area in seasons like this one. I'll probably go to a bunch of different places including Heavenly, Kirkwood, Sierra-At-Tahoe and Sugar Bowl (distance is a factor for me.)
Thanks in advance for any information.
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Today at Kirkvood it vas like spring...I se plenty of barely legal teenage snowboard chicks vearing tight vhite shirts, and very very nice breasts. Vhen zey inevitably fall, zere shirts get vet und ze cold snow makes zeir nipples......vell you get ze picture
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