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Visualization out the window

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Probably like many of you, I spent a good deal of the summer visualizing my skiing vastly improved. Worked on all those bad habits to be changed and was sure it would help me hit the snow improved.

It worked too!

for one day.:

Skied Loveland last Friday on new boots and it felt just like my summer fantasy. It was delightful. Everything i had worked on in my virtual ski world came true and my skiing improved dramatically from last season and seemed effortless - like magic. I thought wow!

Went skiing at Wolf Creek yesterday fully expecting a repeat performance. As soon as the terrain and the conditions got "interesting" all those visualizations went right out the window and i found myself trying to muscle the skis around in the consolidated crud, so that even the new boots i could barely force my foot into felt swimming. I tried to think my good thoughts, but it seems the amygdala outranks the rational brain as soon as it perceives trouble.

Anyone else experience this sort of setback or have suggestions for better imprinting? looking for sympathy too
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hmmm, there are days, or chunks of days, where i just can't get dialed in. nothing ever really feels right; where my body only recently knew something, it seems to forget and i have to try to remember.

sometimes i think it's part of the curse of the 15- to 20-a-day skier; things just don't "take" as quickly, or permanently, as i'd like. kind of like two steps up, one step back progress. i've somewhat accepted that, given the relative infrequency with which i ski and the terrain that i enjoy and the manner in which i ski, there will be days, or at least times, when i just kind of suck. two left skis kinda thing.

generally, when i'm out of synch like that, i'll put the ego in the locker, go look for mild terrain, go back to basic basic, have fun with it, try again later.

i do not beat myself up about it anymore. and often enough it does occur when conditions get "interesting," as you say, and auto pilot won't cut it. maybe i start to lift, rather than lighten, my inside ski; stuff like that.

just takes awhile to get back that finer-tuned feel for the snow, and the foreign objects attached by bindings to my boots.
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Thank you Ryan, that helped.
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