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Atomic Snoop Daddy problems / replacement skis?

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Some of you may remember a few threads I posted late last ski season about my brand new atomic M:EX's losing their camber after 3 days of skiing. The warranty covered the damage and I received the new snoop daddys... 5 ski days later I am back at Christy Sports sending away yet another pair of atomics back to the factory on warranty issue. This time I somehow managed to bend one of my edges which resulted in delamination (I didnt even ski that hard, i tried taking it easy on my new skis) and recently I hit my other ski on a stump (again wasnt even going that fast or hard, normal early season exposed terrain encounter) and the impact compressed and dented the base of the ski away from the edge! The edge did not blow out however nor did any of the material get displaced out of the top of the ski, you could only see cracking underneath the clear coat layer right above where the base was dented. The tech said if the base material displaced into the ski, it should have deformed the ski from the top or blew out the edge, and since none of this occured, a possible cause could be a defect or void in the core of the ski. AAARGGHH! So back to the fatory they go and I am stranded without skis for at least the next 4 weeks. Does anyone have any insight on the integrity and quality of these skis, are they super fragile?

On another note, I am looking for a similar all mountain performance ski (NOT ATOMIC) and would appreciate any suggestions and recomendations on what all mountain skis are available that are known for their durability.
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I beat the piss out of my Dynastar 8800's. So far so good. I have had a few core shots, had some really nasty forces applied to the steel edges without them blowing out.

Have had at least three major repairs to the Ptex, two of which they actually had to cut out a large peice and replace. These repairs are holding up well and the tech says he likes working on these as they are somewhat easy to fix.

I don't consider the damage any fault of the ski, but rather where I ski and how I ski. No regard for the ski, if it looks like it will be fun I ski it. Damage is only money, time lost skiing good lines cannot be replaced.

I do fear that with the Titanium layer that one day I will bend them too far backwards and they will remain bent. But so far so good, I have hit big depressions between moguls and no hard done.

Past that they are a great all mountain go anywhere ski anything ski with a preferance for soft and deeper snow, but perfrom GS turns on hardpack with strong edge hold and reliable turn shapes. Gets a little iffy in really icy conditions though.

Also look at the Volkl AC4 I am super impressed with this ski from what I saw from my buddy who just bought them. reliability of these I have no idea.
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Atomic's warrenty dpeartment is top notch, but his does not sound like a warrenty issue, sorry. I would see if they could send you a single ski, I am sure that they can get it out by Tgiving if they have one. PM me if you need who to ask for there.
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I see why you say it does not seem like a warranty issue, but then again after skiing only 5 times on brand new skis I managed to destroy the integrity of both planks. This is very unusual because I skied various other skis for far longer in similar, even worse conditions and have not had damage other than your expected base scratches. The damage done to these skis in such a short amount of time and in less than severe encounters with exposed terrain seem overly excessive.
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I blew out an edge on the second run of the first day on a ski, I hit something. I know I was sick to my stomach. Skis are not indistructable, they are meant to be skied on snow or worse, ice.
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got the skis warrantied, got brand new snoops three days after i dropped them off at Christy's. Forget Atomic, I went with the K2 Seth Vicious.
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Hey Lovelife:

Sorry I didn't get to you sooner, but I bought a pair of Snoops last Spring (see my review on anther thread), and ran them through the ringer in variable conditions at Kirkwood and Squaw. They performed great, and they are hands-down the best mid-fat's I have ever skiied! I'm 245 and 6'1", and I'm not overly careful with my equipment. Enjoy your K2's though, I'm sure they're awesome also.

Merry Christmas!
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