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Ski length question--158cm vs. 165cm

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While trying to find some answers to my ski questions, I stumbled upon this ski gear discussion. I'm an advanced female skiier looking for a solid, used, all-mountain ski. I am 5'8" tall and weigh about 150lbs. I have been looking at:

Fischer Vision 73
Volkl Attiva AC2
Dynastar Exclusive 10/11/Legend
Dynastar Legend 4800/8000
Rossignol B2W/B3W

I was just looking at the Dynastar Exclusive 10 in the 158cm and 165cm length. How do I decide which length to buy? Any advice is appreciated.
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LindseyVT, nice to have you at EpicSki!

If you're an advanced skier, wouldn't you be more comfortable on the Legend? Have you considered the K2 skis designed for women? They are the leaders in the category, for sure.

Where do you usually ski (part of the country, terrain, conditions)?

Length is usually a function of the speed and turn shape you like to ski, the terrain you like to ski, and your physical characteristics. My personal recommendation is to go as short as you can in a given ski--but no shorter. This is usually determined by the stability of the ski at the top end of your speed range.

Anyway, with a few answers, perhaps we can give you some additional thoughts...
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What a quick reply!

This is the first time I've actually done some research on which skis to buy, as I was an intermediate skiier the last time I bought skis. I demo'd the Bandit B2W last year and loved them. But I'm comparing to some really old skis (Elan SCX 160s).

I ski in Vermont most often, but hope to go to Colorado (Steamboat?) and Sun Peaks in BC this season. Last year I moved from being a strong intermediate to advanced during a week of "keeping up with friends who are experts" in Tignes, French Alps. I will probably go to Smuggler's Notch, Jay Peak, Sugarbush, etc. most often. I had a pass at Sugarbush last year and got to the point where it felt like my old skis were really limiting me.

This year I want to get more experience going off piste, in powder, and on bumps. I was having fun last year doing small jumps and spins, too. I am 29 and in good shape. I ski moderately fast, but like to focus on my "form", rather than how fast I'm going.

The only K2 I've seen reviewed is the T9 Tru Luv, and it seemed to be described as more for intermediate skiers.

I know it's ideal to demo skis before buying, but whatever I get will be much better than what I'm used to.
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Lindsey, welcome!

From the sounds of it you're just a little ahead of where I am now so here's my 2 cents worth. I'm a female 5'4 125lbs approx level 7 skier now (after 2 seasons on skis and anticipating my third once the snow arrives here in the east). I ski mostly Maine and NH (SR, Attitash, 'loaf). My current ski which I bought last year is a K2 True Luv in 153cm. It's rated as an Intermediate/Advanced ski. I have the 2005/6 model which has a narrower waist than the new one. I skied on some K2 LottaLuvs during a trip to Tahoe last April and loved them. On the upper end of the K2 T9 Range you have the One Luv (rated as Advanced, a bit stiffer than the True Luv) and the Burnin Luv (rated as Expert). Additionally you have the "LottaLuv" which has a significantly wider waist, still a sweet sidecut, which is also listed as Expert. I have only skiied on the LottaLuv and the True Luv, but have enjoyed both, so I suspect I would like the One and Burnin as well if they suited my needs. I have considered buying a set of the LottaLuvs for when I'm in less ice/more slush or powder.

I considered the Attiva AC2 from Volkl, but I suspect you might like the new Attiva AC3 better given your description of your skiing ability/desire. I'm considering doing a demo day to try out some other brands/models in womens this year - not that I need skis since I just bought the TrueLuvs in February!

I found that demoing other than during special events was not practical as a female skier of smaller build since it seemed most of the mountains in NE did not offer much in the womens specific skis to demo, and even the ones that did offer something of interest rarely had a selection of lengths that could have worked for me. Your results may vary. So that's my 2 cents on skis you might want to look at!
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My wife Terry has chosen the LottaLuv as her favorite all-around ski. While a "mid-fat", it holds well on harder snow and motors through chunks and irregularities. For a pure hard-snow ski, you might prefer the Burnin' as a real front-side screamer. The True is a step below that (same shape, but without a layer of metal), and the one to which Terry compared the Lotta.

Terry is a step down from you in fitness, but she has solid skiing skills, too. Something to consider...
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