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Ouick question..Please help

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Ok 25/m 6'3 210 lbs. Athletic intermediate skier. Maybe ski 10-15 days a year. Mostly midwest groomed manmade hardpack. Maybe one trip out west. Which so do you recommend. 07 Volkl S4 or 06 Volkl 5 star?? Which one would be best?

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Rick, that's an interesting question... Is this really about the cost? The S4 is a step down from the 5*, but this year's S5 is a better ski than last year's. I'm assuming front-side only, primarily for carving it up. Do you intend to advance in your skiing by taking some coaching, or are you content with your skills and just want a ski to use for fun where you are?
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No it has nothing really to do at all with cost. Who wouldnt like to advance their skiing? But for me I only ski maybe 10 days a year. A couple weekend trips here in the Midwest and maybe one 5 day trip out west per year. I just want a good ski that will be right for my stats...
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Ok. I was just curious about talking about last year's 5* and this year's S4 instead of the S5 this year. Given the choice between those, I'd go with the S5 as the having the most upside of those skis to help you grow. What are you skiing on now? What skis have you liked? Which ones have you not liked?
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Ok weight wise...at 210-215lbs would a S4 be to soft in its flex for me??
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I think so. I'd move you up. Comments from others?
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I think S4 would be too soft. S5 would be OK
I haven't skied either one though, just hear-say.
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I'd suggest you'll be happier with the 5* or S5. At your height and more importantly weight the S4 would be too soft unless you only ski slowly on green runs.

I ski almost exclusively in Michigan and love my 6*. Based on your discription of skill level (and thinking of the 3 bears) the S5 would be just right.
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And now, for something completely different...

Since you ski only 10 days per year, you might consider investigating the cost of renting. In particular, you could see if a shop would allow you to rent 10 days' worth of demo-level (i.e., high-performance skis, not "regular" rentals and not the so-called "sport" package) skis for, say, $250. This is much less than the purchase cost, and would allow you to try a variety of different skis. Your quiver is now the entire demo fleet for that shop, so you can pick different skis for different conditions.

Now, admittedly, at the end of the season, you're out $250 and you don't have any skis to show for it. On the other hand, if you buy a pair of skis and bindings for, say, $675, and spend another $75 for mounting, tuning, etc. while you own them, you've still spent $25/day (assuming you continue to ski 10 days/year), only now your skis are three years old and you haven't had the chance to try out anything else.

By skiing on a number of different demos, you'll get a much better idea of what works well for you than you will by asking us. Further, you manage to postpone the decision while your skill develops and your preferences change. If you find something you really like, you can probably buy the demo pair at the end of the season for a fat discount.

Understand that I'm not advocating renting boots. If you don't already own a pair of properly fitted boots, make the investment.

I know it's a hassle to visit the shop before you go skiing every time. Still, it's a way to reduce your immediate investment and it may contribute to a more effective choice when your skiing frequency ramps up.
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jhc, that's some really exceptional advice.

And, gentle reader, he means you. These days, everyone can feel the difference between skis, and finding one that really puts a smile on your face is... priceless!
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Thanks guys for all the great advice..

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