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Salomon X-Wing Fury 172 or 180cm

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I am an expert skier who skis 180cm Salomon scream pilot 10’s now. I love these skis on groomers and in the power. I love carving gs turns at high speeds and like they way these things hold a turn and “pop” out of the turn. I also used these skis on power days and have no problem with them.

So I’m set on going with a new Salomon ski b/c I get a deal. I spend 90% of my time skiing in Colorado at either Keystone or Vail. This will be my primary ski…I’d like the ski to be able to carve high speed turns well and float enough when we get good snow. So should I go with the 172cm or the 180cm x-wing fury? I’m 5’10 and 160lbs (w/o ski gear). I’m hesitant to go down a size b/c I haven’t found the length of the 180’s I have now hinder me (except maybe in the bumps)…but I’ve also heard I’d be happier on the 172’s.

The 172's might be better for bumps and trees. B/c I always find myself in the tress looking for good snow.

What size do you think I should get?
Second, has anything changed in the last 3 yrs. that people go shorter on the skis now?
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prcrawford, welcome to EpicSki!

I skied the Fury yesterday in the 172. I weigh more than you (175-ish) and ski Colorado, as well. I think that the 180 would be more ski than you need, and thus may get a bit ponderous. The 172 is a great ski and holds very well for a ski that wide. My review is in the Gear Review forum.
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I have skied the 172 quite a bit but have only had one quick spin on a 180 so I can't really comment on it effectively. I'd say the 172 with the Smart-Trac (plated binding) will be fine. I'm 5-10 188 with a preference for longish skis.

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so it looks like the 172 is the way to go, I've heard that from a number of people... However i'm nervous going so short. What are the down sides to this length.
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In the Fury, none that I can think of. In the Tornado, I think the tips get a little skittish at very high (40-50mph) speeds. My general rule for length is to get skis as short as you can and still have them be stable at the highest speeds you will ski.
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I went with the Fury in the 180 but I am an inch taller (5'11") and thirty pounds heavier (190). The Fury is going to be used as my every day ski and I was torn between the two lengths. I finally opted for the 180 but with your weight I think the 172 is perfect for you. Fun ski
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While I am a vocal supporter of long skis, the X-Wing Fury is not meant to be skied long. It should be about nose height on someone with a normal build, as it is not a powder ski but rather a fat carving ski that really shines in 2-3" of pow on top of a groomer.
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Thanks for all the input - i ordered the 172's they are on the way and i can't wait to ski them
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