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Big Guy Skis

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I currently ski on 01' Volkl P40 F1 Energy Rail 193 cm True FIS Racing ski's (The Black & green version w/ plates mounting Tyrolia Diagonal bindings) I bought these brand new from a racer in 02' and I wear Salomon Xscream boots.

Over the years I have convinced myself that I "need" a GS ski based on my size, 6' 1" 289 lbs, and skiing preferences and conditions. Mostly Very Fast, Often ICY or Hard Pack, Long Radius turns, short when needed.

I LOVE my Volkl's but they are getting old, and now are "rebuilt" ( New Plate) and I haven't skiied on them since "the incident"

Last year my buddy ran over my Volkl's ( drinking) , He paid for my rentals the rest of the season. I skiied on the Atomic LT-11's @ 183cm. They were the previous years model I believe. But I really liked them.

My question is...

Based on my size, skiing "conditions", past ski's and new found love of the Atomic's, combined with my online research, I am still wondering if I should stay with a Race Stock GS SKI like the Atomic GS12 or If I would be OK on the Atomic Metron 11 B5's as an All Mountain alternative without sacrificng the stability at high speeds of a GS Ski, especially considering my size?

As a backgound..

I am an Aggressive Fast Skiier who does most of my skiing in New England, although my truly epic skiing has been done in Colorado. Crested Butte and Telluride stand out as epic days in particular.

I am 6' 1" and weigh 289 lbs, most of which is pretty solid. Anyone I ski with is usually fairly impressed with my style and ability for a Big Guy.

I am older now, and should be slowing down, but I just got my first helmet last year, and seem to be going a little faster because I feel more secure.

Also the "Rat Pack" I ski with are all agreesive and fast, but we DO ski in Control.

I was a ski patroller back in college.

I ski 25 - 30 times a year, and most of it is at Cannon Mtn in Franconia, NH - A notoriously Hard and Fast mountain in the White Mountains. It gets cold, windy and icy more often than not.

We Ski Hard in the morning on Groomed Cruisers and most of the guys are done by Lunch and drinking already. After Lunch it gets VERY scratchy and Edge control is of paramount concern. I usually, am not done, and I like to ski until the end of the day whenever possible.Any opinions insight suggestions would be appreciated.

I love my Volkls, but REALLY enjoyed the Atomic's last year, so I will probably stay with one of these two brands.

Thank you.
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I'm also a big guy (250 two years ago, 220 now)

The good news is that Volkl & Atomic continue to make beefy skis. You should consider Head also.

Consider the Atomic SX12PB or the Volkl Supersport Allstar. Look at the Head XRC 1200 too.

These three models are a little wider than a GS ski and can be used in softer boot-top deep snow, but are capable of the same performance level as any available GS model.


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I am also a XXXL 6' 3" 285# 47 and 37 years on skis and have always been told to ski a GS ski. I went from Head Radials in a 210 with MRR's 15 years ago to Dynastar Speed Course 66's now. With a few other GS skis in between. Ski about 30 times a year at HV with a few trips to Whiteface a season. After reading a million reviews and not being able to demo, I bought a pair of Hot Rod Top Fuels.

Can't wait to try the difference. I'm sure I will have fun. Wish it would snow.

I imagine any of the wider high end skis will work.
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You will find a different radius from an 02 product versus any new GS and that is going to change again next season. Changes in FIS and USSA and as such they won't be performing as would the P-40's.

For those conditions, I look a the Stockli Stormrider series. The narrower waisted versions are "GS like" and I know some big guys that love them.
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Last year, I sold a Top Fuel 186cm. to a guy that was IIRC 6-1" 270. He came back a couple months later for boots and told me that he was ecstatic with his ski choice. The Nordica Modified in the same length would also be plenty of ski.

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If it were me, I'd get a GS or cross ski and just rent for Colorado skiing and powder days. A 78mm ski just doesn't sound right for use on mostly icy groomers. I wouldn't go over 72mm.
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Volkl Allstar - 182 cm
Nordica Speedmachine Mach 3 Power - 178 cm
Atomic SX 12 - 183

All would support your mass, with the snap, grip and steadiness you seek.
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nothing wrong with 75mm for icy groomers, we get alot of that in australia (when we get snow anyway...) i'm 5'9 220 so not quite as big as you, but not small either... Am on Stoeckli Stormrider XL's love em to pieces, great edge hold and not too soft for a fat bloke!

Agree with the ideas on brands tho, to Volkl and Atomic i would probably add Stoeckli, Fischer and Nordica... Steer Clear of Salomon, Rossi, Dynastar imo anyway! good luck
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I'm guessing you are probably built a lot like me, that being said a fairly large frame and a good amoutn of muscle mass, and carrying the majority of "excessive" weight around your midsection (beer belly build). That being said, I have been as high as 330 and currently ski around 240-250ish (and I'm only 5' 8"). My experience on snow have been interesting to say the least in finding equipment.

Carrying weight around the midsection moves the larger skier's CM forward and down a bit (as compared to an "average" build male and tends to move forward and up slightly for a female - while the hips region grows, so does the upper body). This means that you can typically engage the tips a little more easily from what appears to be a more neutral stance. With that in mind, I have always been a fan of Atomic and K2 as they seem to be a very tip centric ski. Volkl's to me, also being bigger, tended to puch me towards the tails as that was typically where a lot of strength was derived (racing heritage), but being bigger, this worked, but often encouraged aft balance habits which in turn creates excessive muscle fatigue and exhausion. On a ski that has a more tip centric turn, you will have to work less to engage the tips the same if not more.

Now onto general skiing characteristics, I have always found Atomics, especially their higher end and racing skis to be very tip centric, but with a VERY powerful tail (if you get back you can power off the tail). K2's seem to be a more suptle tail but often times more suited for all-mountain skiing.

My preferences, for racing, Atomic, for freeskiing/pow, K2. Both will have adequate tortional rigidity to hold on the ice at Cannon, but the Atomic will grip more. And just to give you a heads up that I do know the area, I passed my PSIA Level III at Cannon skiing Atomic 9:12's (I belive similar to RS 11's) skied slightly longer than racing length to give me some "versatility".
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I loved my P40's as well. Retired them a couple of years ago. Great ski for screaming down the icy Cannon slopes. Held an edge on pure ice like a magnet. My buddies and I would ski all day on the tram. Our goal was to race to the bottom before the next tram loaded. On a week day with no lines, we would ski all day beating the tram every time and wait about 2-3 minutes for it to dock. We would get 30 runs in one day.

Skis have come a long way since then. Nothing will perform on hard pack like good GS sticks but you can get close with a lot more versatility in a wider ski. You should demo several to see what you like. If you want to try a good GS ski from Volkl you should check out their Racetiger GS Titanium.
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