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Sunshine/Lakke Louise

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Has anyone been to either in the past couple of days ? Based on the reports the skiing looks good. Planning to go the first week in Dec from Windsor Ont. Is it worth it ?
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great shape, SSV has most lifts and most terrain open not (including "the dive") adn the lake backside is great coverage for this time of year too.

should be some great deals inthe banff area at that time of year.

early dec the world cup is still on, cool if you want to see it. PITA if you want to ski. but that is at LL, not SSV.
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plus it looks like you other option is staying in Ontario so the choice is obvious....
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skied Louise yesterday. New powder, more falling. Trees and open bowls look a bit boney but it was pretty darn good.
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Thanks to all for the info. Booked yesterday and got a great deal in Banff for 900 bones Cnd! 2 people, 5 nights condo, four days skiing. Forecast has more snow in it. Yahoo.......
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What a start!

Skied Sunshine on Sunday and today (Tuesday), still some powder stashes in the trees from Monday's snowfall and lots more on the way. The ski-out has been open for a week (usually open second week in December) to give you an idea of what the snow has been like. Weather forcast this week is for lots of snow and cold temperatures so we have a fighting chance to build up the base. General impressions from folks up at the hills is that this is one of the best openings ever for the Banff area. It might be worth checking out Panorama or KH for a day since they have been getting lots of snow as well.

Have fun! I've been out 8 times already (not too shabby in the first 11 days ), but now I have to take a hiatus (10 days of meetings in Edmonton in two weeks) with only a couple of days available to nip up to Banff.
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KH and Panorama

Based on the reports KH got 25 CM's in the past 24 and 215 in the past 7 days. Thats 7 feet of snow in 7 days.....impressive!! Would go there in a minute except they are not scheduled to open until Dec 15. Maybe we'll get luck and they will open early. Panorama opens Dec 8. put the only thing worth skiing is the Taynton bowl and getting to it and the extemely long ski out sucks! Its worse than KH lifts. I also hate Interwest Corp. Enough said on that subject. I'll file a report when we get back.
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KH opening on Dec2 now.....
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Skied Sunshine yesterday

I was up at Sunshine yesterday for my first day of the season and the conditions are awesome for this time of year. Found some great powder stashes and didn't see a rock all day. The ski out is even in great shape all the way to the parking lot, which is usually unheard of this time of year. Goats Eye hasn't opened yet, but everything higher up is in good shape and 80% open, I would estimate, with the balance to open shortly once they remove the early season snow fencing.

Here are a few shots I snapped to give an idea of the conditions.

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I think I'm going to cry.
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Originally Posted by BigE View Post
I think I'm going to cry.
Hey, you're just going to have to leave "The Big Smoke" and come to where the real skiing is
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Goat's Eye and Delerium Dive Open!

The earliest opening ever! And the snow just keeps on coming!
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I skiied Sunshine Saturday and Sunday, basically everything was open, Im not sure about DD. Goats eye opened I think on Friday, on saturday it was pretty sweet, no rocks that I saw, at least on the main runs, and fresh powder early saturday, with stashes still around later. Great weekend, the only problem was the cold, about -20 c.
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Was at Louise all last week.Tons of snow,and almost 90 % of the runs open.It was still snowing when I left.Unless it gets crazy wet,you should be fine.
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Thanks for the info Dude! Can't wait.......

Based on the weather forecast the problem if any will as "canadamatt" noted will be low temperatures! Minius 20 is F'n cold!! Based on the 5 day forecast things look like they're going to warm up a bit over the week end. We have a plane change in Winepeg. Hope all the airports stay open until we get to Calgery. After that who cares!!
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Yeah but it's a dry cold.Not as humid as back east,but cold is cold.Dress warm,ride hard,have a blast.
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I'm dying here. We still are the 60- 70's F here. ARRGGHHH. Anyone heard how Kimberley, Panorama are doing. Not open yet, I know...but anyone close by??
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Looks like pineapple snow everywhere out west.Check out Panorama's and Kimberleys websites.Lots of snow in the pictures.Book your trip now,lots of great deals.
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Another one for SSV.

Skied on Saturday - GORGEOUS. Zero wind, pretty uncommon for Sunshine, and lots for pow.
Think many people got put off/scared by the forecast and there weren't too many people on the hill... The back of Standish had powder the whole day.

Ohh. Can't wait till next weekend... stupid Christmas party this weekend.

I've talked to someone at the SSV office, and yes, it's the best opening they've had in years...

woo hoo!
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