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Utah for Thanksgiving skiing?

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Hello everyone,
Since there's not much snow in Mammoth and Tahoe now, we plan to ski in Utah for the Thanksgiving weekend. Is it worth the trip ? I wonder how is the condition in Deer Valley, Canyons, Park City, Snowbird ? I asked the Alta guy from last Saturday SkiDazzle Alta booth in LA and it wasn't that great the week before. Is it worth the effort?
Thanks in advance.
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The all have very limited terrain open- and Deer Valley isn't even open for another 2 weeks. I know that PC only has greens open and I think one blue run. Alta and Snowbird are better, but they have a lot of advanced terrain which of course isn't open yet. I don't know what the conditions are like in Tahoe and Mammoth, but if they have the same amount of terrain open, I would save your money and go there considering you are in SoCal.

You will be spending a lot of money to get from there to be skiing a couple of runs at each of the resorts. I imagine that they will gradually be opening more terrain throughout the week, but if they do not get any snow do not count on it.

Check out all of the resorts websites, and look at their snow reports and weather forecasts. If you have to, call the resorsts and ask them whats open.
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At this point I would have to say it is NOT worth it. Skied Solitude on opening day (Friday) and there is only beginner slopes covered with many places sporting rocks, brush and thin spots. Skied Alta the past two days and the coverage is much better than Solitude but I'm only talking about the groomed runs. At least at Alta, the groomed goes from top to bottom off both Sugarloaf and Collins lifts. You want some off-piste action? The traverses are bony as hell. Recommend rock skis only if you're a glutton for punishment. The weather over the next three days is supposed to be warmer than normal and I would expect some territory to be closed off as the pack melts down each day. Possible storminess predicted for Thanksgiving but it's not sounding like a major event. Save your money and head out after New Years.
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My daughter reports that Alta is getting a bit icy with a freeze/thaw cycle. It is supposed to cool off by Thursday, but the snow forcast is not promising in the short term.
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Deffinately NOT worth it. Only marginal chances of storm activity during this upcomming week, with SUPER warm weather the next few days. I would NOT spend money and effort to go here. CO has more coverage from early storms, plus higher bases that preserve the snow better, but they are in the same weather pattern as us: a big fat high blocking most of the storm energy to the West/North. Wait till more activity is on the horizon.

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OK, thanks for the inputs everyone.
We're so itchy for skiing but will stay home this Thanksgiving.
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