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Anyone have any experience with Movement skis?

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It's a Swiss ski company. Saw a pair in line yesterday and was intrigued (another G.A.S. attack ).
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I'm on the joysticks 176.. What do you like to know?
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I'd like to know what other skis you like and how the Movement skis feel on snow. Is their construction a damper feeling ski or is it more "light-n-lively"? How is the quality of the construction? Do they hold up well (no delams, big tip gouges, hardness of the base material & edges, etc.)? How well do they hold an edge?

Basically I'm looking for a review.

I'm interested in the Flame, Spark, and Thunder. TIA
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I believe A Racer's Edge in Breck has Movement skis.

When my dad and I were there last season I took my Karmas in to get the tips/tails detuned and noticed a rack of Movement models in the back of the store. They told me that they'd been sent the full line and the techs had been demoing them all season and that it looked like they were gonna be carrying them this season.

You might want to give them a holler and see if they do carry 'em and if they demo 'em (they also had the Vist skis at the same shop).

I've been intrigued by 'em as well, but I think they're just now ramping up to infiltrate the states. Another poster here who rides at Mammoth (and may be an instructor, as well) signed on to be their spokesperson/sponsored by them. I forget who it was, but I recall him posting about it a few months ago and saying that they sent him a few models to ride this season.
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Thanks dookey67! I actually had stumbled onto the Movement stuff at their web site (A Racer's Edge), but didn't realize it at the time. Their site has changed so much from last season and the URL is new: coloradofreeride.com. I didn't even realize it was the shop in Breck.
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I demo'd the joysticks (last years had jamaican colours) from a local shop here in Kelowna, BC. They were a awesome ski everywhere except in the bumps... I didnt find them to be as responsive as I liked, but overall they were a very nice skiing ski.
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Well hopefully I'll get over near Breck at some point this season and at least check them out in the shop. Thanks for your responses.
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Second question... where can you buy them and how much are they?
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Originally Posted by HeluvaSkier View Post
Second question... where can you buy them and how much are they?

Both Tramdock.com and Backcountry.com carry Movement skis, at least the freeride lines:



The line ups and prices are pretty much identical, except backcountry has three tele skis (this leads me to suspect that the two sites are linked somehow). Prices range from $ 530 to $ 900 depending on the ski, with the mid point about $ 600.

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ski_nerd13 is "sponsored" by Movement. He's an instructor at Mammoth and reached out to several companies last season to see about becoming a spokesperson for their skis. Movement was the one who bit and sent him some skis.

You should hit him up for some insight on how they ride as I believe they sent him at least two different models to use over the season.

Here's the thread where he talked about it earlier this year: http://forums.epicski.com/showthread.php?t=44020
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Thanks for the lead dookey67.
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I got into a discussion with skinerd about 'em and will probably try to connect at some point during the season (though given that getting to Mammoth from SF once Tioga Pass is closed becomes 6 hour event, it might not be until the Spring.

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