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Does anyone have recommendations for ski clubs in the North East. I am too broke to pay full ticket price during high season in New England. If you know of any ski club that has good membership benefits I'd like to hear about them. I'm not looking for a dating ski club or anything like that... I just want to be able to ski at a reasonable price as often as possible...

Thanks! [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img]
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Have you tried Boston Ski and Sports club?
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yeah, I wanted something a little more flexible where you don't necessarily have to take the bus up as a group every time and the dates are locked, etc.
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The North Conway area has a large number of clubs, loosely connected as the Eastern Inter-Club Ski League. These are mostly clubs with their own houses that members help keep going (there are no "shares" or any thing like that; you're a member). See the league site EICSL.ORG to get a feeling for the individual clubs. While the clubs do have some discount tix, the main savings is in the lodging and food. For example, my club is $275 a year and food runs us about $20 per weekend (we hire a cook).

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This club allows the pre-purchase of discount lift tickets that you can use any time you want. Anyone - and I mean ANYone - may join it.
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Oboe: One problem here. They would let anyone in?

Heck, I would never even want to belong to a club that would have me as a member!
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values in NE skiing...

- waterville valley charges just $39 a day for every non-holiday day of skiing

- okemo sells a "flex card" that gets you 1/2 price skiing midweek and 25% off skiing on weekends (probably works at Sunapee, too, since the same family owns both resorts)

- tenney mountain has "two for the price of one" fridays

go to every mountain's website - there are always deals to be had. last year I skied at MT. Snow one day for $1.

you do have to do your homework and be willing to ski midweek to find the best values!

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thanks for all the info, I'll look over it closely. Just got back from Killington. Great skiing yesterday but rain spoiled it for today.
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You should really give the Boston Ski & Sports club a second look - while I haven't been on one of the ski trips in awhile they have some great sports programs year round that are a lot of fun and well run. These alone have been worth keeping up my membership. The ski trips were very well organized and worth the cost (and if your like me and hate driving being able to sleep on the way up and back is great).
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Volunteer mountain services (assisting ski patrol as their eyes and ears) is my "ski club". Ski every week for free plus other benefits. And you meet lots of new friends...
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Volunteer mountain services (assisting ski patrol as their eyes and ears) is my "ski club". Ski every week for free plus other benefits. And you meet lots of new friends...
How do I find out more ? Where do you do it ?
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I plan to be volunteering at Mountain Creek in NJ this year. Try finding someone out on the mountain while you're there (they're out skiing in employee uniform jackets, but not ski patrol) or try calling human resources at your local hill. You'll probably need to buy your jacket and ski a certain amount of hours/month. In effect you are an "employee" although you only get paid in ski passes and other discounts. "Work" entails skiing with a walkie talkie, helping folks out and calling patrol if you see something wrong. I'm doing it to meet new friends who love skiing as much as I do and also to help others enjoy the sport as well. And fresh tracks in morning sweeps... [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img]
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