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Skis for Glades?

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Need some advice.

On Friday I'm off to a ski swap in hopes of picking up a pair of skis for use in the glades in New England. My main skis are GS for rippin up groomers, but kick me around too much in the glades.

The Plan. I am hoping to pickup something slightly used (to keep the cost down.) I have begun to consider the Mid-Fat category (Salomon Pocket Rocket, Dynastar Intuitive 74, Legend 8000, Elan Fusion M 666.)

Me. I have been skiing for 30+ years, pretty comfortable every condition, including glades, but just don't have the horsepower I did when I was 20YO..

Opinions? Am I on the right track?
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You have a good list to start with. I would almost suggest going used/demos to save a few bucks and because you are just going to beat the daylights out of them in the trees anyway.
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Once again: Volkl 724 pro. Great eastern ski. It's great in crud and up to a foot of pow, does well on firm and loves speed too. The ski has a pretty large sweet spot and is really not that stiff. I even like it in the bumps.

This is an expert ski and requires a little work to turn it. You ought to be able to pick it up for cheap.

The Legend 8000 would also be a good choice.
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Pocket Rocket my friend. Out of your list I'd say that that is the best choice by far. The extra width relative to the others could come in handy.
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If I was still skiing trees in Vermont Volkl Karmas would be on the top of my list
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I am by no means an advanced or expert tree/glade skier, but I do have fun in them.

Last year i got a pair of Scream Pilot Extra Hots in a shorter length. (165cm) I had the bindings mounted a little forward of normal, and they ski better than anything I have tried in the glades. They even do well in the packed-down trails that develop in tighter glades.

I would like to qualify this by saying that I have not demoed dozens of skis for comparison.
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Like Matt, I have Solomon Extra Hots and love 'em in glades and deep stuff. I'd recommend going with something over 80mm underfoot.
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Is it perhaps worth noting that the only ski I'm aware of that was designed primarily for New England tree skiing is the Phantom Crystal Ship - the main length being 160, with a 113 waist. And very soft. Closest thing, philosophically speaking, on the list is the PR - probably in one of the two shorter lengths...
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I have 2-pairs of Sollies. Crossmax Pilot 10.s, which are stable, yet quick and easy to turn. They also perform well across a broad range of conditions from pow to ice. Pocket Rockets which are fatter, a bit less stable, quick,easy turning and very light for a fat ski. I have randonee bindings on the PR's.
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