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Fat all-mountain twin tips

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Hey, I'm looking into a 1 ski quiver (not enough money for more.) I'm a 6'0" 155 pound advanced skier, and I spend most of my time in the trees or powder when possible. If the conditions are crappy I split my day between groomers and the park. I've been looking into the Seth and the Prophet 90 and am leaning towards the Seth right now just because I can get a really good deal but I would love to hear suggestions or tidbits of knowledge to help me decide.
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I'd replace the Seth on your list with the Mojo 90.

Where are you, West or East?

If your in the East look at the Karma and Public Enemy for a more little versatility in firmer snow, bumps and tight trees.

Out West you can (obviously) go wider and longer so a 186 Mojo 90 or similar length Prophet 90 would be nice. Do you have another ski? If you're out west and are complimenting another mid-fat, that's when I'd say sure go for the wider Seth. If you do TONS of off-piste freeskiing in lot's of soft snow, sure go for the Seth. Sounds like you want this ski to mix it up and do it all though, so I'd lean you toward something a little more narrow than the Seth. Capiche?
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One fat ski quiver

Go with the VOLKL Gotama in a 183cm. In my opinion I think this is the ultimate resort powder ski. The newest gotama has even more sidecut than the last two models and will crank out quick turns with just a little preassure. It is also way fun to go fast on groomers when the pow is tracked out and can carve a decent turn when needed. I have the 2004/2005 black with Buddha graphics Gotama in a 190. I am 5'11", I weigh around 200lbs with gear and cant say enough how glad I am that I went for the longer length and how fun this ski is. If you are going to ski more in bounds look at the Mantra, Karma or even the new Xwings from Salomon, somewhere around a 175 or 178cm. Still, the 183 Gotama would be my pic if I were you!
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Fischer Atua in a 186.
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Seth All The Way

Although I Havn't skis them(yet) I have heard rave reviews from a few of my friends and some locals in the lift lines. I don't know anyone that doesnt like them. Id say go for the Seth's 100%.
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Seth's all the way they sound perfect for you they absolutly rail groomers and I have heard many kids rave about them in the park. Powder is an obvious, they're seth morrison's pro model. They tend to ski longer so if i were you id get a 179 if you do a lot of groomer/park stuff 189 if your in pow alot.
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Cool, I think I'm gonna try to get some Seths in a 179 and if i need a narrower waist when there isn't any snow I'll snag my friends skinnier volkls.
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