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Vermont Skiing

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hi to those of you who live in VT (killington and north)

what are the conditions really looking like? I know a lot of hills plan to open this weekend ... I'd love a "realistic" perspective on the skiing (coverage, number of trails, etc.) that will be available.

thanks in advance,
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There has been NO natural snow since October and warm weather and rain most of November. With this weekends colder temps many resorts will fire up their snow guns, but I doubt many will have any decent top to bottom skiing this week! Killington is probably one of the best bets, they have the most snow making capacity in the state of Vermont!
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Getting some real snow at the Bush. Check this thread
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The only thing that matters right now is the size of the resorts snow-making system and thier willingness to use it. Realisticly, snowmaking started yesterday. i wouldn't expect much.
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Speaking with most area reps yesterday all we can do is hope for cold weather. I think the larger ones are planning to open this week with others by first week in December.

I hate to say it but I've seen a forecast of rain this Friday ... it was so hopeful when they got that early season fluff in late October - then the rain for two weeks! :
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Killington opens thursday as does Okemo. I plan to make some turns thursday morning as I am lucky enough to have Xgiving up here this year. I strongly recomend staying away from those places Fri-Sat-Sun. Way to many people and far to little terrain. Kind of like New York City without the traffic lights....

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Sugarbush is planning on opening on Thursday to the best of my knowledge. Sitting at my desk right now, looking out the window at both the Bush and MRG, there is definitely a white cast to the bop of the mountain that is natural snow and when I took the dog out, I could hear the snow guns going at North. The clouds are just beginning to lift and there's clearly a good amount of snow at Mt. Ellen (the planned location for opening) at the top - not sure if they'll make it top to bottom by Thursday though. Temps are very good at night and the humidity is dropping a bit so the snowmaking should be even better.
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