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Different reason for skiing this winter

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This year I am skiing for a diferent reason... I am using my skiing as some cross training for an epic Bicycling Journey we are doing this summer (2007).

3637 miles in 50 days
Astoria, Oregon to Portsmouth, New Hampshire
It will be myself, my wife and my two sons (ages 16 & 21)

We did a test run this past summer(2006) from San Francisco to Salt Lake City.

You can see more about it on our webpage

I will get in about 15 -18 daysof skiing this winter. Skiing Gore Mountain in NY / Snowbasin & Powder in Utah, and Tahoe.

Let me know what you think....
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If you are using it for cross training and your on snow abilities allow, I would do some high altitude hiking, and generally earning your turns even back east.

Have fun on the bike trip though, sounds like it would be rather fun (and exhausting).
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Only 15-18 days of skiing, why so few? I'll have that many in by New Years.
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You would be better off skiing XC or skinning for turns if you wanted to really get a workout out of it. Alpine skiing requires huge mileage (like 5X per week, all season) to make any sort of differance. Just my thoughts.

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Powdr's right, you better get out those xc skis.
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Actually I will be and have been riding 4 -5 days a week on the bicycle.... this is pretty much an addiction (albeit a good one) the skiing is more for a change of pace.

I ride normally about 6,000 miles a year and that does not count off road riding which I do 2 of the days a week during nov - march

Remember I live in FL .... so 15 -18 days of skiing is not too bad.... I do enjoy year round riding and camping there are trade offs...

It should be a great trip.... I am quite excited
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Ski Bike for life!

Ahh, another person that does both sports. I ride and race (road) 5000+ miles per year. i can say that cycling will help your skiing more than the other way around. But since your voyage is not until the summer you'll have plenty of time to get miles in before the road trip.

When riding that many miles, make sure you have the best shorts with a high quality chamois and get chamois butter. Believe me, saddle sores are no fun!
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bike from san francisco airport to tahoe

good practice.........if you survive
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Originally Posted by mikebike View Post
...Let me know what you think....
I think you know what you are doing. The skiing is skiing. The riding is training. I envy you and your family. Sounds like a great adventure.
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[quote=Powdr;600291]...Alpine skiing requires huge mileage ...

Telemark might help, but if I lived in Fl., I'd train for bicycle tour by bicycling.
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basically ... I do train for the ride by riding. I do like the diversion skiing gives.

As to riding from the San fran airport to Tahoe.... that was part of what we did this summer. Started in Burlingame (sp) right near SFO then went to Tahoe and over Mount Rose and across Nevada to Salt LAke City.
We survived that one with no incidents.

Got some really good shorts and use Assos chamois creme.

good ideas so far.... thanks for the interest and respones.... keep them coming

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