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Fischer Worldcup SL owners - question

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I have a question for anybody familiar with the Fischer World Cup Slalom skis. Same ski as shown HERE. I picked up a pair of these (05/06) used with the FR17 bindings. They appear to be in pretty good shape and the edges and bases look very good, however I noticed something that is quite different than my World Cup SL11's for example, and in fact different from almost every other ski I own.

These skis appear to have almost no camber at all. Is it possible that that they just might be a lot more beat on than they appear and have been punished so much that would lose their camber? Or is this normal for this ski?

They aren't bent and both skis have an equal apparent lack of camber. There is some camber. When I stand them up and place them base to base, there is only 7mm between the bases at the widest point. My SL11's have 20mm and take noticeable pressure to force the bases together.

It takes almost no pressure at all to decamber what little gap there is between the Fischers however. If I lay the Fischers down flat on the floor with the brakes retracted, the skis will decamber to the floor under just the weight of the FR17 bidings. Granted, these are heavy bindings but I just wanted to know if this very shallow camber is normal for these skis.

Otherwise, the flex seems pretty firm, but there isn't a lick of snow for me to try these on so I was hoping somebody can reassure me that I'm just paranoid and didn't end up with a spent pair of skis here.

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I have a couple of pairs of Fischer RC4 Worldcup SLs and, from what you describe, it sounds relatively normal. They are *very* stiff, especially torsionally, when you ski them. I doubt you'll notice anything lacking.

Mine do not have real springy camber. But, how many alpine skis, with brakes retracted, can't be flattened against each other when squeezed with one hand? I'm an avid XC skier as well, so I never think much of alpine ski's camber, nor would I expect any. WHile I spend a long time choosing a classic ski, flexing it, testing its wax pocket (the stiffness of the camber), I never evaluate alpine skis like that.

Alpine skis, especially race skis, should be stiff when flexed longitudinally into a negative camber, as in what happens when you roll on edge and flex them. All reputable manufacturers design their race skis to handle like that. Some may answer that design need by designing in more positive camber than others. But ask yourself, when you stand on them, how important is that positive camber?

Ski them, See what you think. If they are too noodly, then you may have a problem, though I would think it is more of a problem of the right length or bining placement. These skis are designed to be flexed, on edge, when skied. I'm sure they're fine.

If you really want to check the camber "behavior," then iron in some cold wax, i.e. a wax that takes a higher temperature. You should see it doing weird stuff then.
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Thanks for the response. I'm sure you're probably right and what you said makes a lot of sense. I just thought it seemed odd that they had such little camber compared all the other skis I have (which is a couple dozen).

I'll get to use them in about 2 weeks at Killington's Race Week. I'm pumped up to give these a try along with my 2 new GS pairs.

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