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Skiing at Tahoe for Thanksgiving worth it?

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Howdy...I managed to take advantage of my 4 day weekend to escape the South, camoflauge, and whine of rotor blades and am heading back home to Northern California for Thanksgiving. I'm desperate to get some skiing in, but I've been reading that there's been hardly any snow in Tahoe so far...I heard Boreal has opened and that Heavenly is supposed to open this week, which is where my family is planning on going. What are your thoughts? Anybody living in Tahoe got an opinion?

I'm going to get some days in at Vail and Copper right before Christmas, but I'd REALLY love to get a day in before that. There's a good chance I'll have a 3 day ski season otherwise.
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Unfortunately, it does not look good for skiing this week. The storm in the early part of the week does not look big enough to make a difference.
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Boreal is open to the extent of one lift and a mini terrain park - no other terrain available.
Basically, there is no snow in Tahoe, yet!
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Oh I dunno. The conditions at Boreal are looking pretty bitchin' to me.

Some of the best mud riding in the lower 48 from what I can tell.

The wrod defined.
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white ribbon of death maybe? wahoo,i'm there, not!
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Yeah, what they said...

I was in Truckee today & there's no snow yet. Give it a few weeks.
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who's hopeful? A friend there suggested a potential dump - but the weather forecast doesn't suggest snow until Sat. Low Temps are dropping to 10 degrees THursday. Does this mean anything for snow-making?
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anybody have an opinion on whether there will be any skiiing this weekend? Tyia
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Snowmaking plus some light snow over the weekend should be enough...

...for those of us desperate enough to get on some snow that we're willing to endure the rare Tahoe day involving both bad snow AND bad weather. Heavenly is blowing as much snow as possible (http://www.skiheavenly.com/audio_visual/webcams/dipper/) and should be open for the weekend, especially given a little light snow Saturday and Sunday (http://www.snowforecast.com/californ.../heavenly.html). We'll see, but i'm tentatively planning on skiing Sunday...
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That Dipper cam looks decent. I am sure the runs will be limited, but it could be fun. I am planning on at least one day on the MT this weekend.
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Four runs open at Heavenly tomorrow morning!

Probably not the greatest snow experience on earth, but I'll take it...

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I was just talking with MTT who had to leave to get to Mt Bachelor.
Tahoe has nothing but a manmade white ribbon at Heavenly. If you are looking to ski for Thanksgiving and aren't local, got somewhere with real snow.
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Kirkwood opens tomorrow. One chair.
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i believe that Northstar opens tomorrow, as well.

i put my Mantras in the cab of my truck and brought them up to my folks for T-Giving because I'm an optomist every once in a blue moon. I was hoping that there'd be at least enough frost on the early morning grass to get a bunny run in, but no such luck. Guess they go back on the rack next to the rest awaiting fo'rilla snow.
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Alpine has rescheduled its opening for Friday, December 1. Looks like a decent foot-plus storm starting tomorrow afternoon, followed by temps cold enough to blow snow for the rest of the week. I'm hoping to make it up next weekend, work permitting.

Let the games begin.
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well then, perhaps i'll see ya on the slopes!

now to determine which ski to break out of "storage"...
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