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Wolf Creek / Silverton ???

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I'm considering a week of skiing in mid-March split between Wolf Creek and ?Silverton.


Better Ideas?
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Not sure why you picked those two places. If you are a good enough skier to enjoy Silverton Mt. you will probably get bored pretty fast at Wolf Creek. WC is a fun little area with not much vertical, very short steep shots, and lots of flat. It gets more snow than almost anywhere else, so it is a good early season choice, but it is by no means a destination resort, especially in March.

If you split your trip between Silverton and Telluride or Crested Butte you would probably have a much better time. Compare the vertical and terrain at those places with Wolf Creek and you will find a huge difference.
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I don't know if Silverton is unguided during that time frame. I thought it was April. I am thinking that it will cost you the $100 plus a day to ride Silverton. Not to mention with the guided season in the past you are lucky to get 5 runs.

If it's unguided, then you have to have avy gear (beacon, shovel, and probe) and demostrate the ability to use it.

If steeps are what you are looking for you might want to check out Crested Butte.
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I picked Wolf and Silverton because they sounded less frequented and more adventerous. Last year we did an awesome trip in B.C. to Red Mt., some cat skiing with Valhalla and a day at Whitewater I was hoping to put together a similar challenging trip in Colorado or Utah.

Any ideas?
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I'd concur with Mudfoot's suggestions. Telluride & CB first choices. March is historically biggest snow month and BC could be dicey.

For Cat Skiing:
San Juan Ski Company Above and behind Cascade and Purgatory/DMR (Skied w/SJSC one March during more than 72 inch week and had to stay in steep trees for turns, above tree line was too treacherous and low visibility.)

El Diablo Alpine Guides Molas Pass area.

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