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Whistler Opening Day!

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We went from no base at all to 140+cm in about 7 days~! As many of you may know, the pNW has been hammered by storm after storm this past week. I've been checking the webcams with anticipation all week long. Well yesterday was THE DAY!... Whistler opened with Red, Emerald, Franz, Garbonzo, Creekside & Village gondolas running. None of the upper lifts were running yet, but they could have easily opened them with the amount of coverage up there. Blackcomb doesn't open till next week.

I wasn't expecting too much. Usually early season means sticking to a limited number of groomers. No venturing off the main runs. Well, the coverage was more like early Jan. Lots of off piste options everywhere (trees off Franz & Emerald, etc...) I brought the rock skis, but you could bring out the good gear no problem. It's some of the best opening day conditions I've seen.

It was up to knee deep in some areas, lots of fresh untracked even with the crowds & limited lifts open. It was pretty heavy wet snow down towards mid-mtn, but great up by the roundhouse. I was going to hike into Harmony but my daughter wasn't feeling too well. I'll have to make a mid week trip, as another storm is about to blow in with another 50-100cm expected b4 next weekend. I think I feel a cold coming on (cough.. cough

Sorry... no pics (forgot to bring the cam). If you're thinking of hitting Whistler this week, stay away! I've got 1st dibs on the goods!
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Sorry Wizard, we already have a condo booked for this week (American Thanksgiving) so, I'll be cruising with you on Thursday thru Saturday. The forecast looks great!
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Wonder what the crowds would be like on say a Tuesday this week before the Yankee Turkey invasion?
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I'm going again either Tues or Wed depending on when I can sneak away from work. There will be no crowds mid week, you'll have the whole mtn practically to yourself (cept for some locals).

Here's a loop that was taken b4 opening day. It'll give you an idea of what conditions were like b4 the hordes arrived: http://www.whistlerblackcomb.com/wea...ideo/index.htm

Just horrible conditions! Better stay home!
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Yes stay home it's going to be horrible and you just wouldn't like it.
Must dash ... got to make sure I get up there for 1st lift, oops I mean mustn't be late for work (cough cough).
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Another awesome morning of fresh untracked powder (well for my 1st 3 runs anyways) .. and no line ups of course being a Monday. I do love Mondays
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Awesome pics as usual!!! At least someone remembered to bring the cam to capture the moment. Now I can point to those pics when ppl at work ask what it was like!

Looks like it's time to dust the cobwebs off the fatties tomorrow . Hard to believe it's not even the usual Nov 23 opening date yet!! :
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