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Nordica Beast?

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What happened to the Nordica Beast? I ended up in a Beast 10 26.0 today, but I can't find any info about it on Nordica's website. What replaced it?

The store I was in didn't have the Beast 12 in my size, so I wasn't able to try that. How significant is the difference in flex? The Beast 10 I believe is 80 (?) and the 12 is adjustable between 90 and 100. I was able to flex the 10 pretty easily, but it will be stiffer on the mountain.
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Few more questions...

What would be the disadvatages of going with a higher volume boot like the Beast? Would I be better off going with something lower volume, and having more work done on the boots? The strange thing was that the Beast held my heel in place better than any other boot I tried on, including the Speedmachine 10. The Beast was a 26.5 and the Speedmachine was a 26.0. Other boots I tried were some model of Technica, and the X-Wave 10.0.

The Beast was by far the most comfortable boot I tried on, which almost makes me nervous as I've read on here several times that when trying on boots in the store, they should be almost uncomfortably tight. The Beast was not, but I can't go any smaller as my toe was right up against the front of the boot.

What are the Head boots like? The guy I was working with didn't have me try them on as he said they were a narrow boot in both the heel and forefoot. I thought I had read that they were only narrow in the heel, but he probably knows better than I do.
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and once again, what is the shell fit like?

tight is OK, but not painfull. like a firm handshake
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