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Nordica Speedmachine

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Well, I made a trip to the local bootfitter today, and he thought that the Nordica Speedmachine 8 might be a good choice for me. The fit seemed okay, but my question is, do I need a higher level boot? I consider myself about a lvl 8, and I was wondering if I should upgrade to something higher or not.
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A higher performance boot will only hurt your skiing if you can't flex it. If the boot fits, and you aren't crushing it flex-wise, heed his advice.
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Your ability level is only part of the equation. Two other things to take into consideration are your level of physical fitness and your preferred skiing style/terrain. For example, if you typically ski in soft snow or at lower speeds, a stiff boot won't help you at all. Likewise, regardless of your technical skill, if you don't have the physical strength to flex the boot, a stronger flex will only hold you back.

One final thing to take into consideration: If you were talking to an experienced bootfitter, you should probably listen to his advice. Inexperienced salesmen tend to undersell, in my experience.
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