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Which boot?

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I have narrowed my choices down to 3 boots. The nordica Beast 10 ,Tecnica Modo 12 and Atomic B80. Anybody have experience with either of these boots? I know they are a intermediate-advanced boot but just wanted to see if any advice out there on either of these boots. Help me make an educated choice..

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All three boots are soft flexing and high-volume, and would best suit a conservative intermediate skier. I don't have experience with these exact boots, although I've skied in boots from all three brands. In order to give a recommendation, I need to know your relative foot size (wide/narrow, low/high instep, etc.) and your skiing ability. If you are beginning to learn how to carve, these boots could work for you, but they are not a good choice for an advanced skier.

Also, the Modo series seems a little "gimmicky" to me, with the ski/walk and "extreme comfort"- essentially, lack of accuracy and performance. In the tecnica lineup, I would look more at the Vento 8 or 10 and low end Diablo series for an intermediate skier.
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Well I wear a size 13 gym shoe, would say I have a regular width foot, low instep. My skiing ability would be aggressive intermediate and my carving abilty is OK. And let me correct myself the Atomic M80.
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Out of the three boots you mentioned, I think the atomic will have the best performance. Atomics tend to run narrow in the heel and wide in the forefoot. The instep on the M80 will also be lower than the Modo's. As for the flex, the M80 is probably the stiffest of the three, although you might still find it a little soft in forward flex. But don't take my word for it; make sure you try these boots on if you haven't already.

Other options to consider are the Tecnica Diablo Flame, Tecnica Vento 8 and 10, Nordica Speedmachine 10, and Atomic M90 (stiffer flex).
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buy the boot that fits best???

you can make a boot bigger adn softer but not the other way, buy small and stiff
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