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I would like to recommend a Ski Store I had a good experience with – Ski Depot in Jay, Maine.
This Summer I ordered my new Fischer RX8 w/Railflex2 FX12 Binding System 2006 skis there (with 10% tax +16% VAT + shipping it was still a better price than in Israel or Europe!). Ron (left, in the picture with me) was very patient with my never ending emails and gave me all the answers and help I needed. The skis arrived within few days and in perfect shape (165 cm, 115/66/98, snow was not included… ). Due to a heavy work load at the store my credit card was not charged for a couple of months. During that time the price for those skis went down by 20$. When I was charged, I was charged the lower price. That was very kind of you Ron!
Naturally, when I traveled to the US this fall, I made sure my path will "take" us to Jay, Me. Both me and my future bride needed new "Shoos" for our wedding and Ski-Depot was the place to get them : (Fischer MX9 for me and Dalbello for her).
As for the prices, I thought they were great. See for your self.