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Originally Posted by num View Post
And I thought I was the only one skating around the city pretending to be skiing. :
Rollerblading as a substitute for skiing; It's the equivalent of a Nicorette patch

(I was going to say methadone, but I didn't want to try to explain that I'm just well read...)


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Originally Posted by Philpug View Post
No snow in Pa..No skiing at Blue
What? No Snowcones for Thanksgiving dinner:
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Okemo didn't have any yesterday, But I'm sure they are blowing now, or this evening. They hope to be open for Thanksgiving Day.
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The past few years, skiing on Thanksgiving day meant skiing on beginner and intermediate slopes. Something tells me, that has saved me from myself. Mother nature assuring me that I don't over do it on my warm up ski days:
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Feels like Fall 1990 all over again. Booo Hooo

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Originally Posted by mammothsnowman View Post
Feels like Fall 1990 all over again. Booo Hooo
How did 1990 shape up for the rest of the ski season?:
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In 1990-1991 we did not get a real storm in till March 1st... :
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What a depressing photo. Glad (not really) to see the Northeast isn't the only area getting short changed.

There must be something we can do ... maybe we all need to sacrifice some skis to the god's.
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Last year one of the EpicSki Supporters had her son do the "lake effect dance" so we'd get snow in Michigan and New England.

She recently had a baby, so I'm wondering if that new baby has thrown off the whole balance of things. NOW, if she could teach the new baby to help big brother to do the Lake Effect dance..........:.
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No snow in Maine. Sunday River began snow making about 3 weeks ago, but a warm snap took care of that. It llooks like temps in the 20s for the rest of this week so, at this point, they are still planning to be open Thanksgiving weekend.
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