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Long ski stigma

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Does anyone else find it ironic that we are now in an inverse situation to a few years back?

If you don't have short skis, you are considered a pariah/ignoramus. Some of the comments in the forums are scathing in this regard.

A few years ago it was the exact opposite.
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I was back at my old mountain this winter talking to some of the more fanatic skiers. These were guys that were upset when slalom skis went from 207 down to 205. It was amusing to hear their conversation as the new machoism was how short a ski they skied on instead of how long.
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You know I had a set of 207 cm Rossi Stratos where the chicken would morph into the face Christ and blood would....Oh, I thought you said Stigmata!
I like others have gone incrementally down...now my volkl SLs are 163, my motions 173 and still keep the F1's and Vertigos in a 188cm...but it took a while to arrive there.
What works is what works, no different then Burmuda Shorts or SG skis, the length goes up and down with the ages and technology...but mostly the function. I remember my first ballet skis were 170s then everyone dropped to 140's and grew their poles!! My SLs are shorter than my old Hart Ballets!
It is humorous to see folks hanging on to their dogma about ski length.
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Change too many parameters in the equation and you'll never know what really works.

I never fiddle with the length or the sidecut.
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It's all about you!

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Don't be a Luddite!
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"Today's Luddites continue to raise moral and ethical arguments against the excesses of modern technology to the extent that it threatens our essential humanity. "

Real humans know!

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Whaaaaat? I'm just saying if you get USED to your equipment over the years, and not muck around with the important parts, you can just grab 'em and go. Some things need to remain constant. Conditions never are.
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I'm on your side!!!

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I know, posts crossed.
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I only ever skied on shape, but I did go from 178 to 173.

I get equipment envy though. When I see new skis I really like, I wish I had them too! Like that pocket rocket ski - that one is so cool.
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Originally posted by WhosThatGirl:
Whaaaaat? I'm just saying if you get USED to your equipment over the years, and not muck around with the important parts, you can just grab 'em and go. Some things need to remain constant. Conditions never are.
I think that you depend on your equipment too much. Ability to change skis (short, long, shaped, fat) reflects on your skills.

But worst of all, you are missing a world of fun.
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Perhaps. My view is choose your tool, one tool, develop as a team, and remain loyal. It's rarely the ski anyway, so you may as well pick one and stick with it.
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This year that did happen to me at Bachelor. Blowhard gives me grief about how no one is skiing the old straight boards any more. He pointedly asked why I was still on them. I had to be from some unknown planet. I just smiled and took two runs with Blowhard. After the first, he didn't say much. After the second, he chose to talk about how much he thought Pocket Rockets would improve his skiing. I, of course, wanted to ski nothing but the cut crud, crap and corruption.

I said very little and nothing about my "long boards" while on the lift. But he had to go meet his "party" and could not ski with me after the second run.

Speak softly and carry long sticks.

OK, so I now ski on 190 CM Atomic 11.20's and Rossi Bandit X's. I doubt I will hear that refrain again, but it sure was fun while it lasted.
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Indeed Maddog, Indeed.

Its always the "old, wise skiers" that radiate skill and experience who seem to ride the long lengths(188+). Makes me want to pull my old K2 straights out of the closet when I see someone on old-skule straights laying out a nice wedeln that looks way better than even the raciest carve can.
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And if anybody still feels the need, I have a basement full of near-new race stock K2's. Ranging in length from 190's to 207's, some with EPB's, some without.

I'm sure I have something that will suit anybody's needs!

Come and get 'em- while their HOT!!! (NOT!!!)

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We have an old expression in Vermont: "If it ain't broke, don't fix it." WTG has a relationship with her skis that "ain't broke". 'twas not so in my case. I almost quit skiing until I dicovered how much easier it is, for me, on shorter, shaped skis. I've skied with various and sundry accomplished skiers who continue to use old straight long skis - and they ski circles around me. I'd rather have their abilities than ANY special skis. Since I clearly don't HAVE their abilities, I use whatever help I can get, so that even mediocrity can be fun. Even so, I'll continue taking instruction in hopes that I can "break out of the intermediate rut".

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Anybody that cusses out the shorter shape skis just hasn't found thier ski yet or is comfortable with what they have. The skiers ego has caused people to buy skis to long for themselves for years . This along with the fact some people ski in boots way to stiff for them ( the ego thing again and a bad combo for most shapes) and not realizing that shape skis benefit from a different technique have prevented them from experiencing what shorter shape skis can do.
Personally I had a hard time with dropping from 210's and 207's but now have skis in my rack that are 10-20 cm shorter that blow the straights away.
I don't think the trend to longer will return but do believe it has settled down and won't get much shorter . What shape skis have done is shown alot of people how easy it is to ski when the right technique is used and also shown alot of people they're not as good as they think they are due to the fact that performance shapes can be unforgiving where an old school ski would sluff out in the back end and let you get away with bad positioning or habits.
The thing that really matters though is that they are having fun and skiing , not the planks they ride.
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Beautifully stated LeeRoy! The only pencils I have left are the DH's and some zipperline bumpers. Most of my time is on a 177 or 163.
Thanks for bringing up the image issue with stiff boots as well...probably one of the key issues I see with chronic intermediates.
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The short ski thing is definitely over-rated. I have dropped 10 cm from my skinny 203's to 193's on midfats (the ski I am on most of the time). The Volkl G4 is (was?) only made in 188 or 198, so when I got a kick ass deal on those I went with 188 'cause I figured I wasn't man enough for the 198's. But there are days when I dream about how ripping through the open bowls would be on those 198's.

The whole idea that is spewed forth in the touristy ski magazines and rich-kid shops to try to get people to constantly go shorter is bull. Demo alot and then chose what works best but stay as long as possible is the best advice.
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IMHO, the shorter the better only applies if you want "fun-carving" skis that you're using on groomed slopes. Once you venture off into the powder, crud, etc... I find that longer, fatter skis are the way to go. But then once you're in tight chutes and trees, sometimes shorter becomes better again. There's no perfect length!

But by all means, use whatever lets you have the most fun!
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A ski is just a dumb piece of wood. It's not worth reading too much into. Save it for the videotape.
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I am now convinced that this whole thing about ski length is Freudian.

The past ski market has been dominated with male values. Men appreciate taller "partners". (It is not just the line of the calf that sells high heel shoes). Gals my well enjoy the taller "escorts" as well. With the trends in gender/ diversity equality, along with the airing of other "closet" issues, there is now a wonderful acceptance of persons who may not be all those things the movies would have them be.

Perhaps an acceptance thing. "I'm OK, your OK".
So now, guys and gals of all dispositions are allowed to choose the recreational tool of their own preference.

Each tool can have it's own "rewards". Even the rewards are accepted as "each to their own nature".

Still, the easy gals are not the only ones that offer pleasurable experiences. (The first line premise has not been forgotten). A spirited horse has it's attractions.

So in this "New Era" of technology driven torsional ridgidity, unencumbered by mishandled length. We have....
"Short skis"

The nice part about all this, is it makes it really easy to pick out the larks and posers! .

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Ha! You're onto something Cal. When the shapely skis came out, all the men dumped their straight skis and ran off with the curvy models! Meanwhile, girls with the body of, well, a girl, hang onto their straight skis! Go figure!
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Is it about length or is it about width?

I used to ski lots of bumps on some very narrow 198 cm long Rossi Viper Z's. I loved them.

But, the day came when I began to slide with snowboarders and they could hit deep snow that my skinny skis did not handle well. Could have and most likely was my skill level, but those tips did like to shoot straight for the forest floor at times.

So I got on some wider Bandits, which were also shorter. Problem solved! My skis changed, my skiing changed. Show me the deep fresh untracked, but not on my Vipers.
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Well I'll be!

I for one, really do enjoy a partner with a bit of shape. And it needn't be lumpy. The "model look" is not for me!

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CalG, I'll second that!

Who wants a girl so skinny you have to be afraid not to break her?!?
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If she's that skinny, either she can't cook, or her cooking is so bad she won't eat it.
And what use is she, if she can't perform in the kitchen?

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It's whatever makes you smile.

Me, I'm into the all-mountain thang. Those 190's of mine really come in handy.

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Only a pansy skis on anything less than a 205.
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