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what binding?

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I am just wondering if anyone has a suggestion for a good binding to put on a brand new 07 bandit b2 (174) instead of the one recommended by rossi. I like to go all over the mountains carve up the groomers every once and a while but prefer the ungroomed.
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You are adverse to the '07 Rossi Axial 2's...120 or 140 Pros? IMO, good binding...purchase would also extend your warranty with the B2's...curious...
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I'm curious too. That's one of the better bindings available and you can't beat the warranty extension. Seems to be a no-brainer.
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so which rossi binding do you think would be best for my skis
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Originally Posted by stuck in midwest View Post
so which rossi binding do you think would be best for my skis
Its not so much a question of whats best for your skis, as what is best for you.

What DIN setting do you use? You want a binding that will let you set your din in the middle of the range. Example: if you set your DIN on 9, then the p12s are probably a good bet.

There are other considerations, like if you ever use alpine trekkers, cus those are a pain with the rossi healpeice, but if not, then just get the p12s or p14s. P15s are a great binding if you can find em too.

EDIT: just realized I was typing the look names. Same bindings, just different names, and the waranty wouldn't be extended, but whatever.
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