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whats a good all MT ski?

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Im looking for some reviews on the volkl ski's maybe the s5's or the ac3 or the allstar i here there all good but what due you guys say.. pref people that have tryed em all,

I'am A very agresive skier and have been skiing for 20 years this year I will be spending my winter in killington VT

195 lbs
Ski EXP is 20 years

thanks sal
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Your AC3 tested in Noodler thread:

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In that group, the AC3.
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Good "All Mtn" Skis:

AK No Ka Oi
Atomic M:EX
K2 Apache Recon
Line Prophet 80
Rossignol B2
Volkl Karma

Just my opinion on the skis that I either have purchased or demoed over the past two seasons.
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Anyone else!!
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As soon as you use the term "all mountain" you are bound to get a wide array of responses. For somebody that lives in the west and skis at Squallywood, the needs/wants are usually very different from somebody that skis mostly at K-mart.

The AS and S5 are both firm, metal laden skis with a taste for groomed terrain. The AS has a bit more bite and is a bit more damp. It is worth the small increase in price over the S5. The AC-3 is wider and has more tolerance for softer snow with some sacrifice in quickness. The AS/S5 will be more manuverable in bumps, the AC-3 will be better when those bumps are coated with 4"-6" of eastern powder or the scraped off, half refrozen goo that passes for crud.

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Well I'am looking for someting that can carve good and hold an edge, but I also like to ski the bumps alot and go back country, so something also good for groomed and light powder..

Man im stuck!!

thanks for the help
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I would say Karmas.
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karma vs Head im 88?

Has anyone skied both?

They both have a 87 - 88mm waist, but are very different otherwise.

Just wondering.
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I have some salomon scream xtra hots, sure they are 2 years old...but they are amazing. Great on the groomers here in the midwest and when i was out in winterpark/mary jane last spring break, they were great on the 18" of pow we had one day, and also not to bad in the bumps...allthough definitly not my first choice in that situation. I love my skis!
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