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Killington vs. Mt. Snow

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Anybody been to Killington or Mount Snow and can give a review on which is better?
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Been to both usually at least 1/year to each. Killington generally gets more snow, is bigger and has more difficult trails (steeper ones too). Apres ski is very good there - good bars etc on the access road and more of them.

Mt Snow is more convenient to where I live. I do like the North Face when there is natural snow including some of the gladed runs. It's fairly flat though and trails are wide and groomed. It's more laid back for sure.

If there is a downside to Kmart (as some refer to Killington) it's that sometimes its reputation and promotion are a bit overhyped, and it can be very spread out. There are 7 peaks so you can spend a lot of time traversing to another place. But the fact is it's one of the biggest resorts in the east and there are very good skiers and terrain there. There are scarier trails at Killington IMO than Mt Snow.
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Originally Posted by NICU View Post
Anybody been to Killington or Mount Snow and can give a review on which is better?
That ones easy, Southern Vermont or Central Vermont. Killington is a destination resort, Mount Snow is a weekend resort. Of course it would help if you told us what you were looking for.
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As others have said "which is better" is entirely dependent on what you're looking for, terrain wise. Mount Snow is much more of an intermediate cruisers paradise then is Killington. If you're looking for challenging terrain, then head to Killington.
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Mount Snow has mediocre snow and weekend crowds.

Killington (IMO) does not take good care of its' snow due to its' size and has even larger weekend crowds.

Take Route 100 further north, or get out real early in the morning at MS or K, and plan on an early long lunch or later long lift lines.
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Thanks for the info.
I guess "large crowds" is better than "fairly flat" and "mediocre." I'm looking for a place for a group trip and from what it sounds like kilington has more to offer - on and off. If I had my choice, I'd head north and hit Stowe, Sugarbush, or Jay Peak. Possibly drop everyone off at the Bush and drive over to Mad River Glen.
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Agree with other responses. Both are pretty big for the East and do great snowmaking and grooming IMO. Mt. Snow is mellower. Both busy during primetimes, empty weekdays. Snow good for two days, Killington more. There's a sprinkling of little known glades at Snow if nature cooperates and a few tough blacks such as Ripcord. Lots of tough glades (if nat helps) and major league bump runs at Killington. Killington access road has more restaurants/bars/shops. You can also go to nearby Pico to avoid Killington crowds on big days. Killington gets more natural snow and has a more impressive summit.
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