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Decision Time

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I have been lurking here for awhile and I thought I might seek help with a ski purchase. First of all I am 5’10” and weigh 185 lbs. and 45 years young. I have been skiing for over 12 years and only ski about 10 days per year. I love having my own skis and I currently own a pair of 183 K2 Explorers. I ski mostly on blue, black groomed but tend to have acquired a taste for skiing off trail. I think that I might be considered a lower level advanced skier.

I understand that I should demo skis while I am out west but I loath to take the time due to my limited time on the mountain. My goal to find a ski that is shorter than my K2’s and requires a little less effort to manage, still have some stability at speed, and will work in the back bowls.

I have narrowed down my obsession to 4 different skis: the Fischer RX 8 165, the K2 Apache Crossfire/X 174, the Atomic M:11 172, and the Volkl 5 Star 175. I am leaning towards the Atomic due to the shape is similar to a set of Elan’s I demoed when the shaped skis hit the scene. All suggestions will be greatly appreciated.
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I would add one more ski to your consideration. The Nordica Hot Rod Nitrous. It is very similar to the Fischer and K2, but easier to ski due to its abnormally large sweet spot (ie: very easy to stay balanced on the ski). The large sweet spot and moderate side cut make for a very solid ski on and off runs.

Love this ski and am recommending to many friends at this point.

As for demo'ing I would not consider this a waste of time. I think you will have far more fun, skiing several different skis on similar runs, allowing you to really get a feel for what you like before you buy. This way once you do buy, you will have purchased a ski you know you will enjoy for years to come.

just my two cents.

Look for reviews of the Nitrous on this site.
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Having both to my access, I really prefer the Atomic M10 over the M11. A lower number does not mean it is a lesser ski. It is the same construction with a slightly longer, more versatile turn radius.
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Good to see another Tennessee boy in here. I was raised over in Knox County and Sweetwater. I had a few Fraternity brothers at Memphis State from Clarksville.

FWIW, I'm about your size, but a bit older. I've not been skiing as long, but have about the same number of days that you do.

If you look at my signature you'll guess where my prejudices lie. Look really hard at the RX8. I've actually spent only one day on that ski, but put about 90 on an RX9 last year. I would recommend you take a look at the RX9 also. It's more of a GS (17m @170) cut, but you can step on it and bring it around. The ski has NO speed limit, the edgehold is, well, like a Fischer, and is quite quick edge to edge. I found that I could ski it hard all day, sometimes as much as 25,000 vertical, and be appropriately tired, but not exhausted.

I've found on these skis that I think it and it happens. They are that reactive.

I spent this afternoon waxing a brand new pair of 165 RX8's that I just picked up for this season. (Don't know where you went to school, but they are a UT orange. As I said I went to Memphis, but you know where I'm from.)

You mentioned demoing. If you could do a trip and spend half a day, or even better a full day, on each of those skis, that would be a fun vacation. Kinda like dating in college, all the girls you ask out are going to be fun, but there will just be that one. You know what I mean. Fine selection you've made there. Not a dog in the bunch.

I think most of those skis are demoable (I THINK I JUST MADE A NEW WORD) here in Telluride, and they're starting service out of Atlanta to Montrose this winter.

Have fun out there. And, should you get to Telluride drop me a PM.

All the Best,
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Get the Fischer RX8. It's a really good ski. the Fischer AMC 73 would be a better choice for more off piste time, but you'd really do best to rent fatties for true powder days and buy skis that excel for the majority of your skiing.

Forget about the ski you liked on the demo years ago. Shapes have changed, materials have changed, torsional stiffness, tip/tail relational stiffness has changed. If you can, demo skis.

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