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Boot Buying Question

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I am a long-time skier skiing in Lange TII's that are probably 17-years old. I generally get in about 15 days a season. I love my boots but I'm thinking it might just be time for something, well, a little bit newer.

My question: I read a lot here about custom fit boots and footbeds. Now I think of myself as a good skier. I used to be a bum so I have lots and lots of miles under my boards and can make it down most anything. These days I ski a mix of groomers and off-piste with a bit of back country thrown in. So will custom fitted boots actually help my skiing? How? Why? My lange's are extremely comfy and they hold my feet like a vice while leaving plenty of room for my toes to wiggle so what's the big advantage?
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footbeds suport your foot in a nuetral possition, most poeple ski better/feel better with this.

try one in your boot and see if you like it
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If you are skiing in 17 y/old yellow Tii's..what ski are you on, teal 4S's?
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You know those white and teal K2 TRC's...

No I have 2-year old Pocket Rockets with 1 season on 'em (the blue ones) and a pair of Crossmax Pilot 10's from 02. I also have some Volant Fat Bastards but the bindings moved to the PR's so they are unmounted. A little heavy for my tastes.
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Originally Posted by crank View Post
You know those white and teal K2 TRC's...
The first gen Triax braided TRC, actually a great underated ski in its day.
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crank.....I too had Lange boots for a very time (12 years). They broke in real hard (painful) but ended up being a great boot for me. My last day in those boots were the worst day on skis for me.
It was a powder day at Sugarloaf. About half way through the day my right foot began to hurt. The snow was great that day and I didn't want to end it early. By the end of the day it was hurting real bad. When I got out of the boots at the end of the day I had a limp because to the right of the ball of my foot it felt like I was walking on a marble. I had a limp for several weeks and it kept me off skis for a whole season!! The boot was just plain worn out and it damaged my foot bad. Made the mistake of holding onto my boots for too long.
I hope this doesn't happen to you!! You will regret it. I do. The foot has not been right since, although my new Salomon boots do feel pretty good to me.
Man, be careful with those old boots!!
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Phil, I did have a pair. A good powder ski, not the best on hardpack, but manageble.

Sugaree, Thanks for the warning! So are your new boots stock or custom fitted?
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