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Could not resist hitting Wolf Creek on Wednesday for the $25 day and 19" new since Sunday. It was a blue birdday with not many people. Never had to wait for more than two chairs. The face under the Treasure Chair and the bowl to skiers left were very good, although there were still rocks showing and hiding just under the surface. Bottom half was better than expected with dodging tree tops and a few rocks and logs, but overall pretty good early season skiing. All the packed runs were in good shape top to bottom.

The hike to Bowls and Alberta Peak produced very inconsistent conditions. Some pockets of good snow but it was easy to scrape through to rock on the steeps. Best skiing on the mountain was Step Bowl with winter powder. Good from the hike on either side.

The new lift is still not open but the runs under it were. Sun backed down to just a few inches of cover and a complete waste of time, unless you followed the packed sections. The Waterfall area was a mine field of half buried logs and most people bailed after one or two runs. Probably would not be open with these conditions at most other ski areas. Lots of logs you had no chance of going over. There was some fine powder in spots but you never knew what was under it, so unless you were a local and knew the place intimately it was back seat tight sphincter skiing. The only place you could feel safe to completely let it go was on the flats.

Bottom Line: They need another real good storm to make it worth a trip back for me. It'll take at least 2 feet more to allow sking the entire mountain without bouncing off buried logs and snagging tree tops. 39” base is just not enough on the steeps and in the trees. The packed runs and some of the steeps were very good, but 80% of the mountain is still kinda sketchy. It'll satisfy your early season ski jones, but if you go don't take your new skis.