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Ok, well I missed the SuNnY day (Sat) and got a
late start today (Sun)..thus by the time I got to
the floor of the was early afternoon
and starting to snow already.
The weather was overcast and just waiting to start raining (@lower altitude) predicted.
The snow was the usual NewEngland thick junk,
however the altitude has helped keep it on the
light side...
The nice part was that with the oncoming *BaD*
weather...there were less than 30people there...tops. The downside was that in my haste
to get there and leave myself an easy descent...
I left myself little rest time: ...and thus only
had ENERGY for two runs....but as the place was
experiencing a virtual white-out by 3pm...I would
have been pushing it by staying anyways.
Run #1 was more of a traverse with some med-lg turns thrown in...a *relaxer*...essentially to
see if my legs would still hold
: Made it halfway up the headwall for Run #2 and loved every second of it... After resting for a much needed twenty minutes before heading down...finding that dynamic and *stacked* stance really enabled me to ski well all the way down.
So...unfortunately the day produced only two runs, but they were well worth it...and satisfying to say the least...and I AM alive to talk about it
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