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I am looking to buy some new gear. I am 5'10" 215 fairly athletic and ski almost exclusively at Sunday River. My ability is Advanced I can ski almost any Black Diamond or Double Black....I like steep and fast but hate bumps (only becsause I can't ski them well...It is survival skiing at its best).

I want to improve this year to get to the next level and be able to ski bumps and trees without killing myself.

I am looking at a 2 ski quiver (three if I can swing it). Skis I am seriuosly considered are Apache Recon 174s and Volkl AllStar 177s. I plan to use the AllStars to rip down the flat side of White Heat and they seem to be a great groomed/hardpack ski...perfect for the East.

The Recons will be used as my Snow Day ski and for when the trails get chopped up and crud and junk is everywhere.

My third ski would be the Mantra for when we get that rare powder day and for my one western trip. Do you think the mantra would be a good choice for eastern conditions or should I just rent/demo out west?

Are these good choices and will they help me improve?

I have been skiing Volkl 6* and 724Pro.


Think Snow.
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Here's a steal - with a 16.7m radius it'll be fun, yet stable and will like the challenge of arcing down White Heat - or Aurora, or Right Stuff

A similar ski would be the Volkl RC Titanium in a 178 w/ a 17.3m radius. A MUCH more fun ski than the Allstar - 67mm under foot, v. 70 mm for the Allstar, holds better, more playful, sporty, etc.
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