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WTB- Lot of tuning gear

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After Being late to the party twice for the sale of used tuning gear kits I'm trying to see if I can get a full tuning gear kit used to save some $. I do my own waxing already with garage sale iron and have snowboard vices to use in this project, but obviously am looking for something a little more suited to ski tuning. So looking for a complete kit if possible, maybe minus iron and vices for the time being. I'm new doing this so learning on some of my trashed skis as I go along and don't know completly what I need, but from the threads I've read on here and other forums my basic needs appear to be....

- 1 degree side bevel
- diamond stones (not sure which ones I need)
- files (bastard, rough, coarse, fine?)
- base guide (1 degree)
- brushes (currently just use a scotchbrite pad, thinking a 1 nylon and 1 brass)
- Maybe vises (hopefully ones that will fit a wide range up to fat skis)
- Bulk block of cheap universal wax?
- Base cleaner?

Don't need race quality tunes, just enough to take care of my skis and maintain a decent edge, and hopefully be able to help friends out down the lines with tunes once I get the hang of it. Figure if I get this stuff I can follow instructional threads and figure it out with friend, plus it will save some serious money in the long run. If you have a lot of what's described here let me know. Also said 1 degree file, as since I'm not racing or needing the perfect edge I'd rather have more life, if I need other angles I figure I can pick them up down the line when cash is less of an issue. Looking to spend as little as possible, but also want to give you what you deserve for your gear. If you got something let me know.
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Bump. Will also trade a 25.5 Solly Course Boot. Older yellow shell. I'm pretty sure a 120 flex, they don't fit me anymore so. (Will sell as well to buy tuning gear)
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Hi Krazy Karl,

With a Lasso Clamp and either your existing vises, blocks of wood or any number of options you can set up a universal vise.

I have a used Razor with file, panzer & an aluminum oxide stone, along with bulk universal brick 250gr and bulk base cleaner 8oz or more. The Razor will take care of both base and side edges with the short file and economical stone.

I don't have used brushes, but new ones. Need scrapers? Send a PM if interested.
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Hi KK,
Got lots of tuning equipment, to include a Swix Pro 500 vise set, some DMT diamond stones, a bunch of tuning brushes and a bulk set of Swix CH 6 wax, plus many more items we could discuss, like a sidewall planer, a 1 degree base file guide, and other specific tuning items. PM or email me at gsmith217@msn.com.
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PM sent to RMmaster

Alpinord: not quite sure how much your I can use/afford. Generally looking for used stuff so I can spend the rest on gas.
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