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Binding location for bump skiing

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Can anyone tell me what the proper binding location should be for bump skiing? I've been struggling (to put it mildly) for a couple of years with standard set bindings on 160 Heads purchased solely for bumps. Currently the front of the toe piece is 26" from the ski tip. I've recently been told that 2 - 4 cm forward is the right setting. I'll do almost anything to help me keep my tips weighted. Before I accept this info can anyone confirm?
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O Lord please help me. I hardly ever come here. I'm soo going to embarass myself. But what the heck....

Your bindings should be mounted so that you can be centered over your skis whether your skiing bumps or groomers. For most people, that means right where the manufacturer says to put them. But for people with unusual body configurations (e.g. women skiing on a mens ski) a different location (usually more forward) may be appropriate.

So unless, the gear heads here chew this advice up and spit it out, I'm going to send you back to the instruction forum to fix the operator instead of trying fix the equipment. Hint try searching for threads with Mogul or Bump in the title. You were on the right track posting this question in an existing thread, just asking the wrong question. That's ok. Go ahead and start a new thread if you don't find your answer in an existing thread (Pierre and Dan Dipiro have a couple good ones with some answers).
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I have some skis with adjustable bindings and I like them set forward about a 1/2 cm for steep bumps. It helps me stay forward and keep the tips carving a little more easily. Otherwise I set them back to center for every other type of skiing. The skis are R:EXs, which do not have a lot of sidecut and are not generally considered a good bump ski, so moving up lets me carve a little quicker.
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A 160 length ski solely for bumps? That ain't no dedicated bump ski...
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I don't mean to be insulting or anything but are you skiing properly? Is it the binding location or are you sitting back?
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Binding location

Thanks guys.

I guess, like most, I look for the easiest way and think that equipment tweaking is an answer. I'm just looking for a crutch against back seat driving and thought the binding adjustment would help.
I think I'll keep the bindings as they are, take some serious lessons from a bump pro and then, if he advises such, I can adjust the binding accordingly. Appreciate the advice. This is my first venture into the forum and I only wonder what took me so long to find it.
Thanks again.

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I like my bindings mounted with the ball of foot over the center of the running surface.

I'll bet if you measure that out, it will put your bindings about an inch forward of the manufacturer's line.
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