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My toys arrive!!

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note the clever use of customers PC's...


now... SNOW!!!!!!! see you guys in chi-town!
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i was gonna order some of those to thrash around the house if it even snowed here this winter...what kinda shape are those in? Did you get them from ebay?
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yup.. they are used demos - in nice shape too. Not bad for $23 and $29!!

The eBay store is the avsgroup
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Robo, that's a great/inexpensive way to get back into it after a ten year lay off from skiing.

Now! Get thee to the Chicago Area Skiers thread and make some friends in your neck of the woods, so you can get some slope time!
Then, Get thee signed up for an ESA Event and meet some other Bears!!
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Hey, he might get to ski with Pierre.
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