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Pierre eh -- Tuning / Rossi T Power

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I remember last year you recommending a bevel angle for the T Power Viper. Can you relay the info please. I am taking them in for a pre season tune.Thanks. How are things going? Coming to ski the Valley this year? Let me know. For those of you who want to know, the Vipers are one sweet ski.
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Lars, I use one degree base bevel and one degree side bevel on the Vipers.
I will be skiing with you this year one way or another. [img]smile.gif[/img]
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Yo, guys! Long time! I have a question relating to our beloved shorty Rossis: The ski I have from last year is sort of graysh with red [or red with grayish]. It was called the T-Power Cobra X. This year, the T-Power Cobra X seems to be a wider, softer ski and this year's T-Power Viper seems to be last year's T-Power Cobra X. Am I right? How do the names for this year play out?
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Pierre, since I don't read ski magazines and since I'm skiing Atomic BataCarve 9.26 which are barely shaped and in the 200cm length ski just like my straight skis if I want but which also carve nicely, especially in longer turns, I have flat and square filed them and they do OK.

Now, this season I have decided to get a pair of Mickey Mouse skis, probably 170cm long, and I rewad here about bevel filing the edges.

Is that like de-tuning? If not, why bevel edges? It seems to me that with a three degree bevel I will have to angulate three degrees MORE before the edges engage the same as they would if they were square.

Pierre, anyone, educate me about that stuff..

I want my Mickey Mouse skis to be right on so that I can even send them out on the slopes by themselves while I watch from the lodge . [img]smile.gif[/img] [img]smile.gif[/img]

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I ski Völkl P40F1 (99-00 year model)
198 cm (sure I wish I had found the shorter
192 cm)101-63-86, can carve but also
ski "traditional" (I should really say the other way round), and I have nothing
more than the out-of-the-shop tuning.
That's all I need (aka: can afford).
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Ott, base beveling makes the ski far friendlier in the transition phase of the turn and any time the skis are runing flat. Without base bevel the edges hunt and the skis act like they are railed. This gets much more pronounced as the side cut increases. I would not recomend going over about 1 degree base bevel, athough going over 1 degree is a good way to make the skis behave as though they are shorter. I always use side bevel to bring the edges back to 90 degrees. On Atomic I use 1 degree base bevel and 3 degrees side bevel for an edge angle of 88 deg.
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hey Oboe (this is Xscream179 with a new name) i got my replacement T-power vipers, they are this years new ski. They seem to be identicle to last years ski, accept the sidewalls are bright orange as well as the tip... They are just as stiff as last years ski, or so it seems. they are the same dimensions also. Now as for the Cobra, i am not sure about that ski. But the one that is in the Rossignol 2001 - 2002 catalogue, is the T-power cobra X (not the S) so it is skied in more traditional lengths. All of the short slalom skis this year adopted an "s". The T-power line is:
T-Power Viper X PPS
T-Power Viper XL
T-Power Viper S (last years)
T-Power Cobra X
T-Power Saphir VS (womens model of the viper s)
T-Power Saphire CX

There are ironically only 2 short skis here: the t-power viper s and the t-power saphire vs. The other t-power models are designed to be skied at lonnger lengths, so there are only 2 existing skis that are short slalom all mountain skis. As for the cobra, i have no idea what happened to the ski that you loved so much. I have this years vipers and they seem absolutely identicle to last years, they are very stiff, and they have the dualtec 2000 on them. I gave them to my younger brother, but i will be sure to get ont hem a few times to see if they are the same ski. The shops i go to have also told me it was the same ski, so thats what im going to go with until i ski ont hem to be sure.
hope that this helps you out a little bit and if youre ever looking for a skit o replace those cobras you may end up skiing the viper s.
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Pierre, are you going to be at Boston Mills for Pro Night this evening? I'm going to get my skis then, or at least the pro form if they don't have my size, or the size I want...

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I wonder what's up with the name for MY skis. They are T-Power Cobra S.
Not Cobra X or Viper S, they're Cobra S.

Yet, I can't find any evidence anywhere that they actually exist. Except of course for the fact that they're in my garage...
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Are they this season's ski?? (2001 - 2002). If so it could actually be oboes ski from last year that has not been advertised as one of rossis "big" skis. That is certainly possible. The end of this week ill be in a pretty descent shop here in NY, and ill see if they have the t-power cobra X, and ill also check the catalogue that the shop has, not the little one but the big one that they get at the end of every season.
Wish me luck
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I still think that my last year's T-Power Cobra X is this year's Viper either S or X.
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Oboe, I think you are right about that.I don't think I understand what Rossi is trying to do other than confuse people who have the Vipers. Why even change them at all. I skied both last year and couldn't distinguish the difference between the two other than they looked different.

Pierre, Sorry I haven't had the chance to thank you for the tuning info, thanks. About Fernie, still haven't made any plans yet but if I go I will be taking my Wife along. Otherwise, I wouldn't mind rooming with you. It's still up in the air anyhow. Can't really plan that far ahead yetbecause of the work situation. If one of the jobs I have bid comes through then it will be no problem. People are sitting on their money right now and are hesitant to spend it in big quanities for a house or addition. Stock market collapse is the main reason.
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