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Public Enemy

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So after reading some forum posts I've heard great things about K2 Public Enemy skis. I can snag an 05/06 pair for about $330 with bindings (they were demos and have a salomon demo binding). Should I pull the trigger? I primarialy live in the small hills of wester NY, nad will probably travel out west once or twice a year during college. I currently have some Atomic SX9s that I'm fairly happy with but they didn't fare as well out at Tahoe last year. Will the PEs hold their own in occasional powder while still serving as good all mountain skis? I don't truly need twin tips as I never go in the parks. Is it pointless to bother with them then?

If I do go for it, what length would you think is right for me? I can get 169 or 179. I'm 5'11" 230lbs.
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im 5 11...150lbs and i hav the 05 174 which is absolutely perfect for me

ive taken it everywhere and it shines in all conditions and is surprisingly good the groomers..

i'd go with the 179....skiing a bit longer will improve your style and u will have a ton of fun on that ski
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At your weight, I'd go 179.

I have the 174, and I'm about 185lb
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I'm 5'10" and 200 lbs and wish I had the 179s every time I take my 169 PEs out. I love the way they ski, just wish I had a longer length for a bit more stability and float.
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So overall would you recommend them for use as a general all purpose / all mountain ski?
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I like mine. I could give a rat's arse about the twin tip except they're great when I pull into the trees to take a whiz. I can back right out.

PEs are a fine all mountain ski. Snag 'em.
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I think I might purchase some 06/07s this week in a 179. I think its gonna be a great ski. Nice shovel, modest waist, and fairly stiff through-out. I as well am not a park rider... though it seems that many all-mountain and big-mountain skis are twin tip these days. I say go for the 179.
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