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Carving snow, bird or both on Thanksgiving?

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Curious to see who plans to ski on Thanksgiving day, or are you just puttin on the feed bag?
I plan on doing both (skiing at Sunday River) as long as some snowmaking temps arrive like they should over the weekend and longer.
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No snow here yet. I'll be pheasant hunting.
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Both! Skiing with family and friends in the a.m.; then strapping on the ol' feedback in the afternoon and evening. Sending snowy thoughts your way, Treewell! Happy Thanksgiving!
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Leaving at 4am, turkey day, driving 8 hrs to sunny so.cal. If I had the time i'd stop at Mammoth,BUT, I don't so no snow till early Dec.
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I'll be hunting. No snow in sight just rain.
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Skiing in the morning. Traditionally it is my first day of the season. Looks like conditions will be good here this year. Turkey later in the afternoon.
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Both. Online flight check-in starts in less than 20 hours...
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Taking half-a-day off on Wednesday and driving 10 hours from Tucson, Arizona to Wolf Creek. Coming back on Sunday. This has been a tradition for about the last 10 years. Only missed two years due to lack of snow. First ski trip of the season...yahoo!
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Theoretically, I'll ski in the AM, eat in the PM, but if we don't get some snow I don't know how they're going to open.
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First the Turkey Trot (5K) run in the AM. Then up to Snowbasin for opening day and then back down the hill for football and Chow. I should sleep well that night!
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I thought this thread was going to be about carving turns at Snowbird.
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No snow here in Vermont, and even less in West Palm where we'll celebrate Thanksgiving. Hope to make the acquaintance of a sailfish, but would not consider carving it, beautiful thing. Catch and release.

I'm ready for skiing soon, though. If it doesn't snow, I'm ready to ride the new velo and play tennis. I still am hoping for snow - at least in the mountains. It will be just dandy if the snow is in the mountains while the Champlain Islands remain snow free and inviting a bike ride. Which probably will be the case.

Life is good.
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Hopefully both, though it looks dismal here
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It was 88° yesterday, maybe down to 86° today.

By Thanksgiving hopefully we'll hit 80°.

So....... gobble gobble!

Sh** !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Nope, chose to give up Tgiving skiing for Xmas skiing in Vt.
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The ONLY carving here will be done on the damn BIRD !

I'm ready to get my golf clubs out again
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One thing is for sure, you won't catch me bad-mouthing Crud this season....! :
Oboe....remember the camera eh'!...at least we can get some warm water steez!...a sailfish on an #8wt flyrod!!!;-)
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I'll be breaking out my sticks for fresh snow at Whistler in the morning, then hitting the turkey later in the day.
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No snow whatsoever around Northern New Mexico to speak of, and I'm still too lazy right now to schlep up to Wolf Creek. I will be playing tennis or soccer, watching t.v. and eating.
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WE are not amused at this notice on the local ski area web site
The current 7 day forecast is calling for highs in the 40's and lows in the low 30's. With these conditions, we will be unable to get our resort open for Thanksgiving weekend. However, a wise man once said: "One thing about the weather, it always changes." And, there appears to be some cold weather that may be arriving the week after the holiday. So please keep thinking cold and snowy thoughts.
But then WE are not surprised either
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I was hoping to do both. Windham was scheduled to open on Turkey Day but the website says...........Thanksgiving weekend! I have some free lift tickets if anyone is going that weekend.
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Icthyovolactovegetarian, so no turkey for me.

Weather has been warmish, so it's looking rather slim as to whether or not any of the Tahoe resorts will be opening this weekend (many including Northstar, Heavenly and Kirkwood have already postponed their openings and are pending depending on weather). To date the only thing open is Boreal, with one run that from recent pictures looked really muddy (plus it's basically a beginner/intermediate run, thus making the $22 ticket price somewhat steep).

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Uh yeah - Thanksgiving was on October 9th. ; )

But as we are in the US now we'll be having a big vegetarian dinner and wishing I was at Whistler.
Might go see Borat, or Casino Royale, or Little Children, or that new Denzel flick.
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Two years ago in Mammoth right now I was eating powder AND turkey...it was DUMPING.

Not looking so good this year though.
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