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Killington 12/11-14

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I'm making my first trip to the NE to ski Killington in a few weeks. I'm looking for some suggestions on the best blue/black trails for level 6-7 skiers.

Also, what kind of conditions can we expect that time of year?

Any help will be greatly appreciated.....
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Looks like winter will be starting a bit late this year. As far as particular trails...you will be limited to whats open. In the meantime...start a snow dance. IIRC, that week is also "Pro-Jam", so you will be seein packs of instructors skiing. If you are good are "learning by example, keep your eyes open.
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As Phil said, winter is getting a late start this year. Killington historically opens terrain off the Killington gondola and the Snowdon area (immediately to skiers left of Killington Peak itself) first. The Snowdon area has lots of intermediate-level terrain available. If they can really run the snow-guns for an extended period, they might have some stuff off the Superstar chair available as well. All of that is speculation right now as Killington isn't open yet. But it should give you an idea looking at their trail map of someterrain possibilities.

As you're apparently going to be at Killington for a few days, and it's unlikely that they'll have lots open... Okemo ski area is about a half-hour away from Killington, and they have a great snowmaking system.
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I'd say try the Canyon Quad. The trail under the lift is real wide and they usually blow lots of snow.

If you go skiers left it takes you around to the triple. Some fun cruisers there and then duck down East Fall? You should find that pretty steep.

Skiers right look for Cascade. Not that steep but not an easy trail, at least not the last time I slid down it. I can't remember the one to skier's left of Cascade but it's ususally bumped up and might tend to kick yo a$$.

I like the Superstar Quad - skiers right has some fun, not too hard terrain. Good place to get clocked by an out of control boarder or even maybe a skier.

If you are there for a while and there is snow take a road trip to Mad River. You never know about conditions so keep an open mind.
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You know you'd think skiing Killington for the past 3 years 20 times a year, I'd know something about the mountain. That being said, I never really pay attention to the signs, just know how to get around. I looked at the map, and if they are open I would hit up Mouse Trap, Skyelark, Superstar, Rime, Skyeburst and Needle's Eye. Bear is almost certain not to be open that soon, but if it is, take the outer limits quad and turn right to hit Bear Trap and Wildfire. Outer Limits is fun but gets very icy, and is in my opinion an overated run where a lot of people hang out who shouldn't be on that run due to it's popularity. If you get a really good amount of snow and some glades open squeeze play on Ram is a great Blue that just makes you feel like a great skier.
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