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Helmet Poll

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I like the subject of helmet wearing. But I am curious to know what percentage wear them.
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One of the options said No, I don't wear a helmet. I want to end skiing and my life as early as possible.


Isn't that a little too much? I wonder how people managed to ski recreationally for the past 50 years without helmets?
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When you write a survey, you might try to at least appear unbiased. :

Now, go ahead and tell me you work in market research.
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No pun intended, but the helmet poll choices are a bit polar for my tastes.Kind of reminds me of "W" saying either you're with me or with the terrorists. For what it's worth I bought a helmet in January and have 100+ days in it. After trying on numerous makes and models I settled on a Giro 9.9. Greatfit,comfort,warmth,very little loss of hearing,and excellent ventilation options for warmer days. My days of skiing without a helmet are definitely over. Helmets, like skiboots, all fit differently. Don't buy a particular make or model unless it fits you well. Think Snow
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what nolo said!
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You are no doubt a worthwhile person, but, with all due respect, your survey stinks.

I had thought our dialogue on helmets was open-minded and showed a lot of tolerance for the propositions of individual choice and weighing the risk factors of particular circumstances. It may not be an open-and-shut decision for all skiers. It may, heaven forbid, have unintended consequences for the sport. Consider all points of view: you'll find your IQ will increase by accessing more than one perspective. There are no right answers, only informed decisions.

That said, I love your tag line.
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I think it may have been sarcasm guys. [img]smile.gif[/img]
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If that's so, then I apologize for making an ass umption.
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For SkiBumChic: Have you stopped beating your husband?
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We are all used to seeing more subtly biased reports, surveys and polls in our everyday news. And debating their validity.

Unfortunately, this is not even a poll by its most liberal definition. Whether you wear a helmet or not, regardless of personal practice and opinion, this "poll" is clearly idiocy at its finest!

This "poll" is not a poll, but simply the ego-motivated question "do you agree with me? If not, you are stupid."

Very sophisticated. Hope your mother is proud!

[ September 28, 2002, 05:41 PM: Message edited by: GravityGuru (Todd) ]
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Seems like SkiBumChic is a newbie using the poll to state her opinion, just as you said, Todd. We'll likely be seeing her at the Alta gathering, since she'll be working at Alta. Now that we've given theappropriate message, let's give her a one-time pass on this one and see how she does in the future. Sounds like a real skier to me, from her profile.

Next time, though . . .
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Oh geeeez guys, do none of you understand sarcasm? You are wiser then the rest SkiMonkey. I didn't think a tiny sarcastic humorous remark would cause such an uproar.
You guys are pathetic that you spend your time lurking around internet forums waiting for somebody to make a stupid comment and then pounce on them like a pack of wild dogs.
I don't really care whether or not people wear helmets, there is no right or wrong choice. I only started wearing one last year, and not even all the time. Can't you take a joke? Its not like I was personally insulting anyone anyways.
And by the way, I don't really care whether or not I sound biased. Its my question and I have the right to ask it however I want. None of you are forced to vote or agree with my choice of words, so get over it.
This is one of my first posts on this forum. And I must say, you guys aren't really a welcoming bunch. I had this naive idea that just because you're skiers you wouldn't be jerks. But I suppose I was wrong, people are morons everywhere aren't they.

[ September 28, 2002, 06:56 PM: Message edited by: SkiBumChic ]
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Scroll down to emoticons below the posting form and use them to convey sarcasm and other tonal qualities that we morons use to decode messages from each other.

I apologize again for assuming your tone was serious.
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>>people are morons everywhere aren't they.<<

Everybody but you I guess, must be lonely! [img]smile.gif[/img]

Actually, you'll find that this is quite a welcoming bunch when given a chance. But we've been trolled by folks who were saying things in a manner as that poll, but being serious . . . and its happened a lot here. So you'll have to excuse our natural defensiveness if you actually meant simply humor. Emoticons are a good idea, as noted above.

As far as us all being "pathetic" and spending all of our time "lurking" . . . well, many of us actually ski 5-7 days a week all winter for a living. Which certainly doesn't mean that we are NOT pathetic, but perhaps pathetic in our own unique way at least!
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If you want to know how many people wear helmets just look around the next time you ski, I think it would be closer to 6% than 60%. This result shows this is an extremely biased sample (ok so I still remember some STAT101 )
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I would answer the question, but neither question is worthy of one. I wear a helmet when skiing gates, or very cold days. Otherwise I don't. I have been skiing for 35 seasons (I'm 37), and have not worn a helmet other than racing or training, and I'm still alive. There is no data which interprets to 'If you wear a helmet you live, and if you don't you die'.
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Wasn't Helmut Poll a German Prime Minister, or something?


(attempting to bring a little levity to Tara's overheated question)
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Maybe I should start a poll. What would you rather protect: A. your brain, B. your ego, C. your image. [img]tongue.gif[/img] Did I use the graemlin right?

Got stick, will stir hornet's nest.
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Oops. You forgot D. your freedom. [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img]
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A. is certainly good. B. and C. are redundant . . . so really we have just two choices?

We are either as intelligent and wise as you are, or else we are clearly vain and stupid?

Hmmmm, seems like there must be more potential answers than just those!

[ September 30, 2002, 02:17 PM: Message edited by: GravityGuru (Todd) ]
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Yo Tara...where's that rhino skin suit?
keep smiling, it's all fun
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Hey SkiBumChic,

I wouldn't worry about offending the no humor, whiners.

You know who you are. Those with a sense of humor enjoy life 97% more than those that don't...

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Originally posted by nolo:
Oops. You forgot D. your freedom. [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img]
That weren't no poll, pilgrim, that was cowboy bait. Looks like I lassoed me one. Yee haw, the Big Fool Skinner rides again. I figured ya'd be ridin' fence around these parts. [img]tongue.gif[/img]

Tara, I like the humor. There are so many serious topics here and helmets and choice seems to be a hot button. I'm new here also but my first post asked for advise. I got a lot of good feedback but, I think that Oboe guy must be getting a kickback from Rossignol every time he plugs the Bandit XX. (I got them Oboe so collect your royalty.)That Nolo hombre has been gunnin' for me since a previous thread on helmets. Don't let that cowboy talk fool you. Check out his comments elsewhere, they are thoughtful and considerate. Good luck at Alta. Keep on posting 'cause I have no life and am now dependent on this forum for all my social contact. [img]redface.gif[/img]
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SkiBumChic, Helmuts should never be mandatory!!!! If your statements in the poll were true the government would make them mandatory. You should stay away from polls that don't have stats to back them up for fear that our freedoms be taken away. Also, easy on the reply. Were you hoping to wake the giants?? Stick around and you will soon find out, these people are the best!!!! Happy Trails!!
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>>You know who you are. Those with a sense of humor enjoy life 97% more than those that don't...<<

And those who have a sense of humor AND strive to be non-judgemental. Why they enjoy life 98.6784% more than those who don't. You know who you are. [img]graemlins/evilgrin.gif[/img]

[ October 01, 2002, 08:02 PM: Message edited by: GravityGuru (Todd) ]
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That Nolo hombre has been gunnin' for me since a previous thread on helmets.
That warnt no pistol! I was jess happy ta see ya!
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I am still confused as to how my poll was misinterpreted. And how even after I tried to explain its meaning you people still don't get it. I am not judgmental. I am not in some secret society of helmet wearing skiing Nazis. Find a real controversy to debate, instead of how a complete stranger miles away from you likes to state questions.
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It was misinterpreted because this is a literal medium. AC supplies us with a collection of emoticons to convey matters of tone, such as sarcasm. You were just getting schooled in their use. Consider it an act of mentoring from the old hands, who care enough about you to share the code of conduct.
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. . . kick-back from Rossignol every time I plug their Bandit XX . . . I LIKE that! I LIKE that! Can we make it work? I mean, do I just go over there and ask for the money? New skis? Beer, maybe?
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