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Lange boot heel pieces

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I need to get new heel pieces for my Lange comp 100 boots. (Usual problem--wearing down heel from clomping around on stairs and in parking lots.)

I cannot find Lange on the Web or anything, anywhere, about how I'd get in touch with them to get new heel pieces. (It's probably just a tad more lucrative to sell new boots...) Any ideas on how I'd get in touch with Lange or with a bootfitter who could get those heel pieces?
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I got them for my 120FRs through DemoSport in San Rafael for about $20. http://www.demosport.com/website/pages/home.php

The owner's name is Steve; nice guy. Anyway, if you get in a lot of days and you think you might need another set in 2-3 years, order two sets. If nothing else, you could always sell them to someone else with the same boots.
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if you can't find any local, I can mail you some from banff, canada. Not sure on price, PM me if you need to
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lange on the web

if you can find the web, you can find lange
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