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So I pulled the trigger on some 183 Gotamas mainly for my 12+ days I'll be spending out west this year (ut,co,wy ), but also for big east days/tree skiing. I had one recommendation from Harkin Banks to mount on the back line, but after reading posts here and at TGR I'm tempted to mount + .5 - + 2 from the back line since I won't be taking any other skis with me on my trips westward, and because the tail of the ski looks pretty short with my boot set up on the back line. These will be my one ski quiver out west and for use in the trees when it's deep on the east. Anyone else besides Harkin been on the 183 specifically who can recommend a mounting point? I'm 6', 180lbs and ski very aggressive.

I've also heard people talking about the I stamped on the side of the ski for the mounting point, but I have ~4 - 5 cm "boxed" line which looks like this: fs[][][][]fr giving plenty of options. Any help or experience is appreciated.