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your dream place

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If you could go anywhere to ski were would you choose.
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La Grave, France. Steepest lift served resort in the world. 7,000+ vert. No crowds.
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Probably Verbier, Swizerland. Lots of terrain, lots of steeps, interesting looking BC too. Plus not as many people as Cham.
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I've heard there's snow on Mars.

I'd like to get there before it gets skied out.

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Despite staying in Zermatt many times (my favourite ski place), I've never skied from the Monte Rosa, which isn't served by a lift but looks magnificent. So that's my dream peak.
In terms of off-the-shelf piste/trail skiing, the black run from the Aiguille Rouge, above Les Arcs, down to Villaroger (around 2000m vert) takes some beating.
Re. the above nominations, I can endorse La Grave and Verbier as choices. They're both wonderful.
I had a trip planned to the fantastic off-piste resort of Alagna, Italy, a few weeks back but had to cancel. No snow.
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Super Natural British Columbia says it all.
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David Goldsmith - what can you tell us about Alagna, Italy??
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Anywhere untracked, steep and deep, and uncrowded. With hot ski bunnies at night.
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